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$20,000 Contribution to Learning Links

IMPACT OF LITERACY ON CHILDREN'S LEARNING: The ability and importance of literacy on childhood development is essential as it allows a growing child’s mind to be transported from reality into a mystical imaginative world. You can see the emotion behind...
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Life’s Great at Lantern Club!

WELCOME BACK TO LANTERN CLUB Below you’ll find the most current information on changes to service, safety and important membership information. GREAT. SAFE. COMMUNITY. We’ve always made the health and safety of our community a priority. It’s important to us...
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Anzac Day: Why Did Gallipoli Happen?

Anzac Day 2020 marks the 105th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing by Allied forces. As we reflect on this famous and sacred battle, many people ask: "Why did Gallipoli happen?" The answer to this question is very complex and like much of history, it's influenced by personal perspective. In this post, we explore the circumstances behind Gallipoli.
Eat and drink

Brett’s two pan breakfast

Everyone knows you shouldn’t skip breakfast and why would you when you have this delicious (and easy!) two pan breakfast recipe. Our team member Brett walks you through his recipe that is sure to satisfy you and your loved ones....
Eat and drink

Shane’s steamed dumplings

Life’s Great cooking at home for the ones we love and cherish. Our team member Shane shows us all how to make his steamed dumpling specialty. It’s super easy, healthy for everyone and the kids can even help out -...
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