Lantern Rewards

Lantern Club's Membership Reward Program gives us a chance thank you for your loyalty.

Collect Reward Points

Have your membership card swiped every time you make a cash purchase at the club to collect Reward Points.

For every $1 you spend you receive 1 Reward Point. Reward Points are collected and stored on your membership card and you can check how many you have collected at the Reward Kiosk. When you save enough Reward Points, you can use them instead of your cash to pay for meals in MàZi, or for coffee and drinks from the bar, buy gift cards or even to play Bingo or Cash Housie.

Activate More Rewards

Follow these steps:

  • SWIPE your membership card
  • COLLECT Reward Points on your membership card
  • SPEND your saved reward points on food and drink
  • REDEEM entry tickets from the Reward Kiosk into the Car and Cash promotion which only activate after you spend your reward points
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