Car and Cash

Win your share of cash prizes twice a week. Plus the MG3 Auto Excite can be won at every draw!

Your Chance To Win

Be in with a chance to win a new car and cash prizes on offer at Lantern Club.

How to get entry tickets:

  • SWIPE your membership card at every cash transaction
  • COLLECT reward points on your membership card
  • SPEND your reward points on food and drink
  • REDEEM entry tickets from the Reward Kiosk into the Car and Cash promotion (which only activate after you spend your reward points)

To be in the draw, you need to have collected Reward Points on your membership card. Then spend your Reward Points on food at MàZi or your favourite cocktail at the bar… it’s better than spending your own money!

By spending your Reward Points, you receive entry tickets into the Car and Cash promotion. But make sure you redeem your entry tickets from the Reward Kiosk before the Minor Draw cut-off.

There’s also another way to get entry tickets into Car and Cash – simply swipe your membership card daily at the Reward Kiosk each time you visit Lantern Club.

Minor Draws


To play in this promotion, you need to redeem your tickets at the Reward Kiosk by 7.15pm each Wednesday and 5pm each Sunday.

At each Minor Draw, 5 membership numbers are drawn and called out, one by one. If your membership number is called, you will have 4 minutes to claim a prize. If a prize is not claimed, the draw continues until there are 5 winners. If it’s you, you’ll have the chance to win cash prizes or a chance to spin the grand wheel to win the MG3 Auto Excite!

At each Minor Draw, 5 lucky winners get to choose from 8 cases. 7 of the 8 cases include a cash prize while 1 case contains the ‘spin to win the car’.

The two winners with the highest prize amounts at each Minor Draw receive an express pass into the end of month $5,000 Major Draw!

Second Chance Draws


The Second Chance Draw is your last chance to make it into the Major Draw.

All redeemed entry tickets since the last Major Draw receive a second chance to be called out. The Second Chance Draw commences at 6.30pm with 5 members being called. Each member will have 4 minutes to claim a prize of $100 and a place in that night’s Major Draw.

Major Draws


The lucky finalists from our Minor Draws and Second Chance Draws will all be in with a chance to win the $5,000 cash.

Each of these finalists will be called one by one to choose a key to try unlock the safe that contains $5,000 cash. It is guaranteed to be won!

NSW Authority No. GOCLP/1036

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