Members' Jackpot

Draws every Monday and Thursday from 7pm.
Win BIG in our Members' Jackpot!

Members' Jackpot

1 days : 23 hours : 33 mins : 31 secs
NSW Authority No. GOCLP/1036

Members’ Jackpot is your chance to win cash at Lantern Club every Monday and Thursday. The best part is if you’re a member, you are automatically entered into every draw.

To win, simply be at the club in time for the first draw at 7pm. A membership number will be called out and that member will have 4 minutes to claim the cash jackpot. If unclaimed, another draw will take place at 8.30pm. If there’s no winner on the night, the cash will jackpot by $500 for the next draw night!

Lantern Club’s Members’ Jackpot is one of the largest in the Canterbury area. If you’re not already a member of Lantern Club, you can join on the night so you don’t miss out!

Give yourself the best chance to win

Follow these steps:

Be a member
If you’re not, you need to join by 6pm to ensure you’re in the draw
Be at the club
Be here each Monday and Thursday for the first draw at 7pm
Get called
If your membership number is called, you'll have 4 minutes to claim the jackpot
If the jackpot is not won
Stick around
A second draw takes place at 8:30pm
If there is still no winner
Visit next draw night
As the jackpot climbs by $500 each time

NSW Authority No. GOCLP/1036. Click here to read the full terms and conditions.

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