With Lantern Club shining pink in October, we’re hosting a range of pink-themed events this month, we thought we’d share some ideas on hosting a pink party.


Beverages are one of the most important pieces of a party and the decision comes down to a few factors: the weather, the guest types and whether or not alcohol will be appropriate.
If you’re holding a pink party in warmer months with a lot of females in attendance, pink cocktails are a great choice. Examples of these include pink raspberry cosmopolitan, strawberry daiquiris or for Sex in the City fans, a Carrie Bradshaw which is made with cranberry juice. For non-alcoholic options there are drinks like pink lemonade or raspberry cordial.
For warmer months, you could try making warmer beverages like strawberry hot chocolates or a strawberry flavoured liqueur. If your guests are more of the beer or dark spirit drinking types, perhaps you could purchase some glasses with pink colouring.


We’ve talked about healthy pink foods in the past, so we’ll skip those for now and get down to some of the fun stuff. Naturally, pink is a perfect fit for sweets. You can pink up cakes, cupcakes, slices, buns and ice cream. When it comes to savoury, it becomes a little more tricky. If it’s summer, a salad is very easy to turn pink with the addition of vegetables like beetroot and Spanish onion.


This one is where you need to head down to the local dollar shop and go nuts. Pink is probably one of the easiest colours to purchase everything you need for serving with disposable items. If you’re going for something more classy than just a summer picnic, you could look into getting some pink ceramic plates and put them on black/white place mats. Or if seeking pink plates is a little hard, switch that around and place white plates on pink place mats (and matching coasters). This will look just as nice, if not better.


This one is a pretty obvious one, or is it? Pink flowers come in all sorts and you can think beyond the cliché roses. For a summer party, pink gerberas might be better suited and give a more fresh and happy vibe. Or perhaps you might go for a more tropical feel with pink frangipani.


Another one to go nuts with at the local dollar shop, within reason. Sometimes you may want to go a little more subtle and keep the pinks mixed with some whites or even blacks. There a literally hundreds of ideas for decorations out there including pink backdrops, pink confetti or of course, pink balloons.


Sometimes pink-theming with clothing can be a little bit too much pressure (or cost) on guests, so some bulk purchases of items like pink headbands, party hats, sashes, belts or wearable flowers for the men if they’re in suits.


A feature piece is something that can really grab attention at a party and for a pink party, of course it needs to be pink. An extravagant cake could be it. Or you could have something splashed with pink lighting such as an ice sculpture or statue. Another great feature – which you will find at Lantern Club – is a pink carpet to replace the traditional red.
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Looking to host a function or party? Then you should consider Lantern Club as your venue. With great food, beverage options and service, you and your guests will have an amazing time. To book a function, call our friendly reception team on 8037 8200. For more information on Lantern Club functions, click here.