Throwing the perfect party

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Birthday party ideas can become an infinite list. It’s all about that special person (or persons if you get to share it with a twin!), so tailoring it to suit their personality and likes can be a little tricky.
There are three things that can make for the perfect birthday party:

  1. Great food
  2. A great atmosphere
  3. No hassles

Luckily, Lantern Club is the master of all those things. If you’re looking to book a birthday party for someone who loves those things too, then you’ve come to the right place. To make a booking, click here.
But of course, we are always going to be biased. So we spoke to one of our members who recently held a birthday party at MàZi Restaurant.

Layla’s Lantern Club Birthday Party

Layla decided to celebrate her 50th Birthday Party right here at Lantern Club and she was very quick to tell us how great her night was.
“People are still talking about it”, Layla said of her party.
“We had booked the alfresco area which was exquisite, rustic, alluring, and didn’t need too much to add to its ambience.”
Our alfresco dining area is fully covered, but it’s never too hot or too cold with both fans and adjustable shades and blinds. However if you are having a winter party, some prefer the cosy indoor area of MàZi.

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“Everyone gasped upon entry to the Lantern Club”, Layla said. “That huge log fire along the back wall was so inviting.”
“(Guests) were commenting how remarkable it was. Conversation topics from your stacked bottles at the bar also turned to the stylish and very clean amenities that offered real hand towels for drying hands. Everybody I spoke to was absolutely impressed with it all.”
Of course at Lantern Club, we pride ourselves on MàZi’s food. We can provide everything from affordable favourites like pizza and burgers, right up to seafood and meat platters for something a little more fancy. With former world pizza champion John Lanzafame in charge, you don’t just get food, you get an experience.

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Layla said her guests concurred that the MàZi food was fantastic. “From the inviting mouth-watering antipasto platters and metre long bruschetta boards for entrée, to the divinely delicious large mains of chicken schnitzel as you’ve never tasted or seen. Then to the authentic lamb souvlaki dish that transported me back to the souvlaki I once had in Greece!”
“The meals were splendid! Every one of my guests complimented me on my choice. However, without the expertise of the Lantern Club’s chefs and kitchen staff and the very engaging floor staff who tended to every request with a smile, this may not have been the success it was.”
As good as food can be, it’s nothing without amazing service. Lantern Club’s team are known for going beyond their point of call and it’s why many members and guests know MàZi’s team on a first name basis.

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“The Lantern Club were so accommodating when I asked if I could decorate the area in theme with all of my peacock feathers and vases”, Layla said. ”
“I was also given a huge green light when I asked whether I could bring a DJ.”
“My guests, the DJ and my photographer-all masked- were having a ball. Not to mention myself I don’t think anyone could have wiped that smile off my face that night.”
It’s no wonder MàZi has so many regular visitors. You’ll want to keep coming back, as will your guests.
“I had fallen in love with the Lantern Club when I first entered it some years ago”, Layla said.
“I will continue to visit this lovely and inviting place and I am sure many of my guests and friends will do the same.”
“One was so impressed, she actually wrote to you the following day!”
To book a function at Lantern Club, call our friendly team on (02) 8037 8200.