With Mother’s Day coming up, you’re going to need to round up all the family members and organise an amazing day for mum. But what will that entail? Does mum like a fancy do? Or does she like a low-key and family-friendly celebration outdoors? Well, to help you get on the right track, we’ve got some ideas on where to eat on Mother’s Day for every mum right here.

Picnic in the park

Family has a picnic in the park
Ah, the great outdoors. If your mum always puts the kids first, this is a great option. Heading to a park for a picnic is great for the kids as they can run around and occupy themselves all day. You can pack your own food and drink, so costs will remain low. However, there are always the obvious risks of bad weather and others getting the better spot before you do. The sharing of food duties between siblings can end in disaster too!
The good: Fresh air, place for kids to run around, cheap.
The bad: Mosquitoes, crowds, rainy and cold weather, requires cooking and cleaning.

Food at the footy

Grandmother with sporting scarf
Mother’s Day is smack bang in the middle of footy season and for many mums, missing their favourite team’s game is not an option. Food at most footy stadiums is less than desirable and certainly overpriced, so it’s perhaps not the best example of where to eat on Mother’s Day. You won’t get change from a five-dollar note for a bucket of hot chips these days and a single alcoholic beverage in a plastic cup will cost you twice that. At least you’ll score points for taking her to the footy.
The good: Footy is fun to watch, mum will be happy…if her team wins.
The bad: Not everyone loves footy, mum will be angry…if her team loses.

Breakfast in bed

Mum has breakfast in bed with kid
For the low-key mum who doesn’t want a fuss made or to deal with other family members, a cliché breakfast in bed made by her kids and her partner is simple and effective. In some people’s opinions, Mum’s bedroom is a fine example of where to eat on Mother’s Day. Bacon and eggs is always a winner, or perhaps those with fit Lorna Jane-clad mums could prepare some smashed avocado on toast instead. But we all know how breakfast in bed normally ends. Mum gets some cold toast, weak tea and ends up having to clean up the mess herself.
The good: Mum loves the thought and effort, low cost.
The bad: Crumbs in the bed, the mess.

The MàZi Mother’s Day Experience

Lantern Club mothers day lunch
Mother’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for Lantern Club’s MàZi restaurant and of course the main attraction is the amazing special event menu (you can find that here).
But it’s not just the food mum will love, there’ll be music from the Tatum Trio who will be performing from 11.30am, as well as speed caricature artist David Green who will be doing drawings for mums and their families to take home on the day.
Last year, the Mother’s Day lunch session sold out prior to the day, so be sure to book your table as soon as possible on (02) 8037 8200. If you’re feeling lucky, why not try and win Mum lunch? We’re giving away five MàZi Mother’s Day experiences in our Facebook competition. Click here for details on how to enter.