ClubsNSW Clubs & Community Awards is a night of celebration, as it recognises clubs who go above and beyond for their local community.
ClubsNSW Clubs and Community Awards
This year Lantern Club has been nominated as a Finalist in the Education category for the South-West Sydney region.
Over the last year, Lantern Club has formed a partnership with Dymocks Children’s Charities to create our “Brighten Your Life with Books Program”.
The program promotes literacy and encourages children to fall in love with books. As part of the program, Lantern Club has donated $80,000 in books for the much-needed regeneration of libraries in six local primary schools in the Canterbury community.
Lantern Club 'Brighten Your Life With Books' Program
Lantern Club worked with teachers and librarians to ensure book selections were the latest and most appropriate to meet the requirements of each school’s individual needs.
To prepare and package the books for delivery at each school, the Lantern Club team and members packed the books in small boxes and tied bright red ribbons around each one.
The books were delivered to each school by the Lantern Club team and the children were allowed to untie the red ribbon and discover the treasure-trove of books inside!
Lantern Club Brighten Your Life With Books Punchbowl Public School
Their excitement was palpable, and the look on their faces was priceless. It wasn’t long before the excitement calmed and the children became immersed in their new books, quietly slipping away into their imaginations with the help of some of the best contemporary books in Australia.
The Clubs and Community Awards will be judged at an industry event in May – here’s hoping your club, Lantern Club, receives this wonderful recognition for brightening the lives of children in our local community.
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