The Brighten Your Life with Books program was offered to six of our local primary schools: Punchbowl Public School, Hannans Road Public School, Riverwood Public School, McCallums Hill Public School, Beverly Hills Public School and Narwee Public School.
Each school was very eager to be involved and was able to select books they needed for their libraries. $80,000 worth of books was delivered to Lantern Club and we set up a production line in the Lounge to sort them. There were almost 5,000 books in total – a massive increase of books to each library of current best-selling titles and all-time favourites. A big thank you to all the wonderful members and team members who assisted us to sort, check and pack the books. We had a lot of fun with this project and it was great to have so many members involved.
Once we had the books packed into boxes tied with big red ribbons, a presentation was held at each school to deliver the books to the students. The book presentations were a wonderful experience. The students were lovely and welcoming. The school captains and student representatives accepted the books on behalf of the schools, delivering exceptional speeches for the event. Each and every student did their school proud. There was a great deal of excitement and a little bit of chaos once they started opening the boxes and looking for their favourites. We hope they enjoy reading and sharing all of their wonderful new books!
Here’s some feedback from those involved:
“We are totally amazed at the very generous amount Lantern Club has offered us! Thank you.” – Wendy Sanderson, Deputy Principal, Punchbowl Public School
“A huge thank you to all of you at Lantern Club for your brilliant efforts at the launch. The students were incredibly excited!” – Cathy Drury, Librarian, McCallums Hill Public School
“The impact of reading books at such a young age will help these students academically and well into their future endeavours. It has been so rewarding to see just how excited and appreciative all the students were to receive brand new books.” – Debbie Waicokacola, General Manager, Lantern Club
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