Pets are wonderful companions. From young children to the elderly, pets offer love and affection that brings enormous joy to our lives. They’re much-loved members of the family, often as much as any human relative, so it’s only natural we want to spoil them at Christmas time. But just like buying for our human loved ones, finding perfect pet gifts can be just as time-consuming and frustrating.
To help you find gifts for your beloved pets, we’ve put together a list of what we think are the top five dog, cat, bird and fish gifts on the market. Our goal is to save you time and energy that will be better spent celebrating the festive season with those you care about most. After all, who wants to spend hours scouring the Internet or pounding the pavement at your local Westfield searching for just the right gifts?

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Dog Gifts

All pet owners are proud of their pets, but dog owners take their love to a whole other level. And why wouldn’t they? Dogs are loyal, easy to please, almost always happy, and will give you the support you need when you need it most. Not to mention dog owners tend to get more exercise than any other pet or non-pet owner, while having lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Science doesn’t lie!
To show your pampered pooch how much you love them this Christmas, here are 5 dog gifts to choose from (or just get them all)!

  1. Bespoke Hand Drawn Pet Portrai – Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like an original portrait hanging on the wall. This beautiful art piece can take pride of place in the family home for everyone to see, a constant sign of your love and devotion. Price: $230 (free shipping)
  2. Sleeping Round Dog Bed – Humans spend a third of their life in bed, so it makes sense to have a great mattress. Dogs spend much longer sleeping than we do, so it makes sense they have a comfortable bed as well, right? Inside or out, this dog bed will shield them from the elements and provide a warm place to rest their weary heads. Price: $89.95
  3. Dog Signer Chewy Dog Hamper – When you love your pet this much, surely only designer labels will do! In this pack you’ll receive a Chewy Vuiton toy, hand baked doggie treats and a personalised treat bag. It doesn’t get much more special than that. Price: $39.95
  4. Monster Eye-Ball Treat Dispenser – Treats are our way of showing our pet pooches how much we love them, and now you can make sure they’re looked after even when you’re not there. This treat dispenser is tough, easy on the teeth, floats and glows in the dark. And the spiky edges means you can throw the ball and watch your dog zig-zag after it for hours on end. Price: $21.95
  5. Olly’s Box Subscription – When you love your dog more than life itself, it’s only natural you want to spoil them regularly. Now you can, with a monthly subscription to Olly’s Box. You tell them what special requirements your dog has, and they will package and send a box every month full of toys, treats and other fun products. They only use local and independent businesses to source their products, so you’re helping the local community too. Price: $50-$55 per month

monster pet gifts

Cat gifts

Cat people are fiercely protective of their pets. No one is going to tell them dogs are better, or any other animal for that matter. And they have a strong argument. Cats are independent and free spirits, so require less maintenance. They’re unlikely to cause the kind of carnage an over excited dog can, and they certainly don’t smell as bad. But if ever there was a gauge to determine pet dominance, surely it’s YouTube video popularity? And with that, cats win hands down.
So for all cat lovers out there, here are five gifts to spoil your feline this Christmas.

  1. Pet Fusion Cat Scratcher and Lounge – If there are two things cats love to do, it’s lounge about and scratch. Kill two birds with one stone (pun intended), and buy your furry friend this dual-action scratcher and lounge. And what’s more, it’s made from eco-friendly recycled corrugated cardboard, so you’ll be doing the environment a favour too. Win-win!  Price: $129 (free shipping)
  2. Frolicat Bolt Laser Pet Toy – It’s a mystery only the universe knows the answer to (though perhaps predatory instinct has something to do with it) – for some reason cats love to chase lasers. Place this toy on a flat surface and watch your cat have hours of fun chasing the laser all over the lounge or dining room floor. Price: $38.95
  3. Play-N-Squeak Stocking Stuffer – There’s only one thing cats love chasing more than a mouse at Christmas time, and that’s a mouse dressed in a Christmas knitted sock! As the mouse squeaks when it’s being pounced upon, your cat’s hunting instincts will kick into overdrive. Price: $14.95
  4. Grooming Glove – “I hate having my fur brushed”… said no cat ever. You’ll be number one in your cat’s eyes once you start brushing through its fur with one of these grooming gloves. Loose hair will be removed while your cat enjoys an incredible massage at the same time. Price: $14.45
  5. Divine Creatures Cat Retreat – Everyone needs a holiday from time to time. When you decide you need to recharge the batteries, your cat will also need to be well taken care of. That’s where Divine Creatures Cat Retreat comes in. They’ll enjoy a relaxing holiday in a range of private suites, while getting the same love and attention they’re accustomed to at home. Price: $31 – $110 per day (52A Frenchs Road, Willoughby, NSW)

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Bird gifts

Birds bring a different dimension to the home, something dogs or cats just can’t. Owners love them for their beautiful colours, inquisitive nature and gentle companionship. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a bird that can talk to you? Birds can say a lot more than just, “Polly wants a cracker”, and often it’s hilarious.
For the bird lovers among you, here are five bird gifts that will show your feathered friends how much you love them.

  1. Bird Activity Gym – To help your bird get over the inevitable festive season bulge, put one of these bird activity gyms inside its cage. Your bird will get all the activity it needs, while relieving any stress and boredom it might be feeling. Before you know it your bird will be looking trim, taught and terrific, while also being the happiest bird on the block.       Price: $24.95 – $44.95 (depending on size)
  2. Activitoys Drum Bird Toy – Turn your feathered friend into the next Ringo Starr, Tommy Lee or Larry Mullen Jnr. with this awesome bird drum. It will not only be mentally and physically stimulating for it, but the mirrored surface means it can watch itself bash out some cool beats. After all, what rock star doesn’t love to watch themselves in action!     Price – $12.95
  3. Foraging Cup – Help your pet bird get into the festive spirit with this Christmas inspired foraging cup. Teach your bird to find the treats you’ve hidden in the wooden cup under the leather stars. As they do, the small bells will create jingling Christmas sounds to fill up your home. Price: $12.95
  4. Bird Bath Inside The Cage – After working out in the gym and banging on his drum all day, your sweaty bird is going to need a bath! For Cockatiel and Parakeet sized birds, this cool bird bath will be the perfect place for it to unwind at the end of a long, hard day. If you really love your bird, why not light some scented candles and add aromatherapy oils to the water to complete the experience? Price: $9.95
  5. Avi One Bird Cage House Style – A man’s home is his castle, right? It’s the same for birds too! They spend most of their time there, so it’s important your bird has a spacious home to live in. Keep it happy in a stylish home with all the mod cons, including two perches, two water reservoirs and multiple entrances for easy access.

pet gifts

Fish gifts

Stare at the rhythmic movements of fish in a tank for long enough and soon all of your pent up stress will be gone. That’s the beauty of fish as pets, you may not be able to cuddle them or play with them, but they have plenty of psychological benefits. Not to mention a nicely decorated aquarium filled with beautifully coloured fish is a fantastic addition to the family home.
Here are five fish gifts you can buy for your underwater friends this Christmas.

  1. Ornament Arch Ruins – Sure, your fish can’t hop on a plane and visit the many wonderful sites of the world. But that doesn’t mean it can’t have a taste of Parisian life right there in its tank! While not exactly a replica of the Arc de Triomphe, your fish can still feel as though they’re taking a stroll down the Champs Elysee towards the famed attraction. It also gives timid fish shelter, security and a place to hide if they need it. Price: $20.40
  2. Blue Planet Classic Aquarium – If you thought your bird needed a great place to live, spare a thought for your fish! Their immediate environment is literally the difference between life and death, so make sure the tank they live in is top quality. Your fish will have the time of their lives in this tank, and with the right decorations, it will look fantastic in any home. Price: $149.99 – $239.99 depending on size (free delivery)
  3. API Pond Care Master Test Kit – Without a doubt the greatest gift you can give your pet fish is a safe environment to live in. With this pond master test kit, you can ensure their water has the right pH, ammonia, phosphate and nitrate levels. It might not be the most fun gift, but trust us when we say your fish will thank you for it. Price: $60
  4. 10 x Assorted Aquatic Bunches – No fish wants to live in a plastic jungle! Give their home a touch of life with these assorted aquatic plants. You’ll get 10 bunches in this pack, each containing 4-8 pieces, so you won’t be running out any time soon. Adding greenery will bring a touch of joy to your fish, and they will look amazing inside the tank. Price: $59.99 (free shipping)
  5. Marine Fish – You know what fish love most of all? Other fish! Unless of course they’re a Siamese Fighting Fish (those guys really just want to be left alone). The team at Marine Fish has an enormous range of marine fish (funny that), and invertebrates to increase the numbers in your tank. So why not give your pet fish a friend to play with, while livening up the tank with a little more colour. Price: $10 – $4,000

A gift for the philanthropic among you

If you’re of the opinion your pets aren’t really aware it’s Christmas, or that they’ve got enough toys anyway, there is another way to show your animal loving side. Instead of buying your pet the latest must-have accessory, you could make a donation to World Animal Protection instead. All of the money raised goes to protecting animals, wherever that may be. Just some of their achievements to date include:

  • Vaccinating 80,000 dogs in China against rabies
  • Saving 1.3 million animals in 11 countries from the threat of natural disasters
  • Saving one million marine animals by 2018 through their Sea Change program

There are many other charities you could donate to as well such as various animal rescue shelters in your local area, RSPCA, WIRES and Animals Australia just to name a few.
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Celebrate Christmas at Lantern Club

Now that we’ve saved you many hours of Christmas shopping and research for your pet gifts, what are you going to do with all that spare time?
At Lantern Club, we take our festive season celebrations seriously, and this year is no different. We know that the key to the perfect Christmas is celebrating with those closest to you, and eating amazing food. Our talented chefs have created Christmas lunch and dinner menu packages that will blow your mind. No matter what the occasion, we’ve got you covered.
We’ve found the perfect gifts for your pets, and taken the hassle out of preparing food for those various gatherings that take place at this time every year. So all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends while dining on a range of incredible dishes.
Bookings for a package at MàZi Restaurant are open now, and will continue right through until Christmas Eve. But act fast because it’s a busy time of year, and everyone wants to cut unnecessary work and effort out of their schedule if they can. Reserve your table via the online booking form, or contact the MàZi Restaurant Maitre D’ on (02) 8037 8200.

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