I love my parents 100 percent equally. But why do I make it a bit more of a priority to spoil my mother on mother’s day than I do for my father on father’s day?
I’m definitely not alone on that way of thinking either. According to the National Retail Federation in the US, Mums will get on average around $127 spent on them on their special Sunday while Fathers will get a measly $94 spent on theirs.

One could argue that it could be simply down to that arguably men being are less fussy than women and therefore easier to impress. As long as it helps with barbequing or if it means the old pair of undies with the hole in the back can finally be chucked in the bin, dad is bound to be happy. Buying underwear for your mother can be a lot more complicated, not to mention awkward if you’re her son. A number of factors come in to play. What colour undies would mum want? Will they match her bras? Why am I standing in David Jones picturing my mother in her underwear? Before you I know it, you’ve made your way to the appliances section.
Even if you do somehow know what undies Mum wears (and well done if you do), you realise she’s that so organised that she buys new underwear on a regular basis. She’s probably even replenished dad’s stock as well. But when dad opened up his undies on Father’s Day, he probably wouldn’t have a clue how many pairs of undies he has in the drawer. Hence, he’s always stoked to receive them. This is a perfect example of why mums deserve a bit more cred. They’re the ones who make every single day of your life easier. Whether they’re a stay at home or a full time working mum, they’re still the captain of the house. Even if it’s just dad who goes to work to ‘put food on the table’, you probably wouldn’t have the right foods in cupboard, let alone put the plate on a table. Heaven knows if there’d even be a table at all without mum in charge!
Okay, so us blokes aren’t quite that hopeless. But you just can’t be better than mum. As Dale Kerrigan said in the classic Aussie film ‘The Castle’; “If dad was the backbone, mum is the other bones. All of them.”

There’s also one big other factor that fathers will never ever beat mothers at. Picturing it though, that is even worse than thinking about mum in her undies. She may only ever do it once for you. But when you realise how big you were and how small the gap you came through was, you’ll be forever grateful.
So how on earth can you repay mum for all that? You could knock off a few of her usual chores for her. Do the ironing, the vacuuming or maybe just give her peace and quiet. You could also give her a dinner that even she couldn’t top. But that doesn’t have to be a hard task. MÀZI’s four-course Mother’s Day experience will make your mum feel like a queen with a special menu of Italian dishes.
On top of that, there’s plenty of entertainment including live music, a photo booth and a range of boutique beverages to ensure everyone has the best Mother’s Day ever. Even if you’re not a mum!
Bookings are filling fast but you can reserve your Mother’s Day table by clicking here or calling 8037 8200.


  • Mother’s Day as we know it started in West Virginia, USA where Ann Reeves Jarvis started “Mothers’ Day Work Clubs” to teach local women how to take care of kids. After she passed away in 1905, her daughter Anna Jarvis started Mother’s Day in her mother’s honour. It got financial backing from a Philadelphia department store owner named John Wanamaker and in May 1908 she organized the first official Mother’s Day celebration at a Methodist church in Grafton, West Virginia.
  • In an ironic twist, Jarvis never had kids of her own and eventually campaigned to have Mother’s Day removed from the American calendar because it had become too commercialised. Maybe she was just jealous she never got any gifts of her own eh?
  • According to Hallmark, Mother’s Day is the third-largest card-sending holiday in the United States, with 118 million cards exchanged annually (after Christmas and Valentine’s Day). It’s second to just Christmas for gift giving.
  • A quarter of all flower sales for the year are bought for Mother’s Day.
  • More phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year.
  • In Yugoslavia a mother’s day tradition was children would tie up their mother on Mother’s Day. The only way she could get free would be to pay her children with treats. Well that’s a bit cruel!
  • The shortest span between two babies being born is by mom Jayne Bleackley. She gave birth to her son on September 3, 1999. Then only 208 days later gave birth to her daughter (on March 30, 2000).
  • Elizabeth Ann Buttle gives a whole new meaning to second family. She gave birth to her first child (a girl) May 19,1956. Then when she was 60 years-old, she gave birth to her son on November 20, 1997, making the babies 41 years 185 days apart.
  • “Octomum” Nadya Suleman had eight babies in 2009 due to having a total of twelve embryos planted. The American woman has since made a D-list celebrity of herself and even dabbled in adult film. Before the Octuplets, another American woman had septuplets and did so with a natural conception. Despite being told that it was unlikely all of them would survive, they became the first septuplets to live past infancy. In November 2015, they turned 18.
  • Mother’s Day this year (May 8th) is also World Ovarian Cancer Day.

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