There’s no bloke in your life like your dad. He’s the man that’s always there to lend a helping hand or a sound piece of advice. Even if he has no idea what he’s doing or talking about. So what type of dad is yours? He may be one of these or a mix of a few:

Mr Fix It Dad

Is your dad one of those who has a shed full of tools and a workbench? Has just about every piece of furniture or appliance in your home had his big strong and scarred hands work on it? Your dad is probably a perfectionist too. No angle can be too straight. No amount of polishing is too much. Measure twice and cut once is his motto.

The Sports Nut Dad

If you’re named after a famous football or cricket star, this is probably your dad. Every weekend is determined by his team’s playing schedule and if he’s not sitting in his favourite chair surrounded by his beloved memorabilia on the wall, he’s not going to be in a good mood. Those referees will cop a blasting, even if they can’t hear him because TVs unfortunately only broadcast one way. And if his favourite team happens to lose, it might be a good idea to leave him in his room for a while to calm down. It’s okay dad. There’s always next year.

The Comedian Dad

While some comedians are dads, many more dads are comedians. Well, they think they are. Yes dad, we know the local cemetery is the dead centre of town. We’re aware that a shih tzu is a zoo that’s just one dog. And perhaps you should change your name to ‘hungry’ to avoid his ‘hi hungry, I’m dad’ joke. One thing is for sure, your mum has a sense of humour. Or she’s rolled her eyes so many times that she can see behind her own head.

The Nerdy Dad

In theory, it’s a kid’s dream to have a dad who’ll play video games with you. But come on dad, stop hogging the PlayStation and give us a go would you? Every bit of the latest technology is in your house, the family car and on his wrist. Dad has them all synced up too. And don’t even think about playing with the settings because he’ll put up a wifi block on your device as quickly as you can say “control alt delete”.

The First Time Dad

It’s probably impossible that your dad is in this category, unless you’re some kind of baby genius who knows how to read blogs. If so, you’ll realise that your dad is a little afraid of baby duties, almost as scared as when you first saw your own reflection in the mirror. This dad stuff is hard. He’s sorry he put your nappy on the wrong way a couple of times now. But he’s doing his best. Lucky mum is here to fix it up.

The Musical Dad

Your dad loves family gatherings because it’s his chance to get the guitar out and start playing the same three songs he played at the last family gathering. His vinyl collection is better than JB HiFi’s and he swears they sound better than the same music found on iTunes. More than likely, his favourite artists are either the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley or AC/DC. Don’t you dare try to tell him that bands from today are even worthy of doing soundchecks for them either.