What is the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Ox? What’s in store for 2021?

With the Chinese New Year just around the corner, the imagery of traditional Chinese celebrations becomes front of mind. The sequential arrangement of lanterns lighting otherwise darkened streets, the mystical dragon costumes encased in red and gold tones encapsulate the nightlife. Have you ever wondered to yourself what this year will bring? Better luck and fortune surely is on the cards, especially after the previous anxiety-filled year we’ve all had. 

2021 is a new year, a fresh beginning and it’s the year of the mighty Ox. To be more specific it is the 2nd animal of the 12 that exist in the Chinese Zodiac and is actually known as the Year of the White Metal Ox. This year, Chinese New Year based on the lunar calendar, begins February 12, 2021 and lasts until January 31, 2022.

Characteristics of the Ox generally define someone who is strong-willed, hard-working, honest, responsible but also quite stubborn. Recent years of the zodiac sign include 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 & 2021, it will next appear in 2033. If you were born in any of these years, you could face some slight challenges this year, but nothing that the Ox isn’t capable of handling. These changes will help with personal growth and include variations to your career, love, relationships, fortune and health. For the most part, The Year of the Ox is predicted to be a stable year, true success will come if you pay close attention to minor details, think deeply and never give up. Let’s take a look and break down each of the following categories for the Year of the Ox.


The career path for the Ox is extremely important on a daily basis. This year, the Ox will have to re-align their mentality to upcoming changes within their organisation. A lot more complex projects will be taken on, the Ox will be able to endure any minor stress thrown their way over the course of the year and this will help them to grow further as a person. Although the Ox can be unwilling to seek for help, it is best to reach out or seek advice when feeling overwhelmed. The Chinese Zodiac signs of rooster, snake or rat may be the best compatibility for the Ox, do not feel deterred when a helping hand is available. The connections and willingness to be open should help to build stronger foundations with co-workers and your organisation as a whole.  


The Ox’s love life is highly influenced by the planet; Venus. Over this year, the Ox will come to understand and nurture emotions deeper within their romantic partner. It is best to avoid confrontation that will lead to arguments with your partner or spouse this year. Already well established relationships will need a little extra love and care. Ox’s must make sure they are open and transparent on this front. On the other side of the coin, being single this year could actually be the chance to make the first approach and enter a new and exciting romantic relationship. Do not be hesitant to ask that particular crush out for a coffee date or a bite to eat at your local club. The Ox will think with the goal of their future in mind. This will help to create long-lasting and meaningful relationships. Although, there could be some chances of rough patches throughout the year, overall the love life of an Ox will be one of balance and harmony.


The Ox keep their relationships close and treat people with sincerity. Although, they tend to focus a lot more on their own personal aspirations. The Ox prefers to steer clear of group activities and focus on solo projects. They will not waste their time with meaningless relationships, with the goal in mind of thinking long-term rather than short term. The Ox searches for ways to allow them to reach for a high-level of personal self fulfilment. Outsiders will notice the Ox is career-driven and focussed on the objectives at large.


The Year of the Ox will bring work advancement and success in business. Although the Ox should avoid any financial investments that pose a high risk. The Ox should try to save and be as careful as possible with spending big. A fluctuation in online consumer shopping will tend to be higher with the Ox than previous years. Just remember, don’t make any massive or impulse purchases. Ox’s, remember to think with your brain not your heart this year when it comes to spending your cash.


On the health frontier, the Ox’s strength and strong-will allows for a healthy and fulfilling life. The Ox should be able to battle any obstacle that stands in their way. Although they do not allow enough time for relaxation and recovery. The Ox should attend regular doctors examinations as well as avoid any high-risk physical activities and extreme sports. In the later half of the year, some negative emotions can arise with the Ox, for example troubles with sleep. To combat these negative issues the Ox should focus on positive outlets such as increasing exercise, prioritising healthy meals, regular rest, connecting with nature and participating in mindful meditation. The Ox has trouble taking time out for themselves, but those that do will reap the beneficial rewards.

We all experience bouts of bad luck from time to time, but here is what to do if bad luck arises this year for the Ox. Firstly, the best way to drive away evil spirits is by following these Chinese Zodiac recommendations; wear bright red coloured clothing. Now, you must be thinking, you can go out and buy a lovely red sweater and it instantly becomes a shield from bad luck. Well unfortunately, any red items of clothing you wear will have to be bought for you as a gift from a family member or a friend. Another bringer of bad luck is Tai Sui – the Chinese Zodiac Gods of human fortune. This year’s Tai Sui is Yang Xin and it is suggested to make sure you do not face in his direction, which for 2021, is north east. Some people are so worried about avoiding Tai Sui’s direction, that they redesign their household furniture accordingly to face away from him – this way they are sure to incur good luck. 

Remember the Ox are strong and independent, but most of us will never fully know the ups and downs which will come from this year. Hopefully there is some good insight here, that will help to guide you through getting the best from 2021. In summary, be honest with yourself this year, allow a high focus on relationships with family and friends. Question everything, keep pushing forward, never quit and this year will be yours for the taking.

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