Every time Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day rolls around, florists’ eyes light up and they get busy marking up all of the roses they have in their shop. This is because they know that most people (especially men) will default to the rose because of its famous connection to love. But what about all the other poor flowers out there? Do they not deserve the same love?
We’ve taken a look at a few different flower options to get mum this year. To help you sound even better when you hand the bunch to her, rattle off these cool facts and you’ll become known as the child with the most heart. Or at the very least, it’ll keep her from telling you you’re cheap for not buying roses for Mother’s Day.

Yellow Daffodil

Has your mum had a rough year? Is she a little down on her luck? The Yellow Daffodil represents new beginnings and a lucky symbol of future success. The bright sunny colours show that happier days are ahead from this Mother’s Day.

Blue Violet

Be the kid who promotes trust with these flowers for Mother’s Day. The blue violets (are they blue, or are they purple?) are said to represent trustworthiness and also symbolise faith, affection, intuition and love.

White Lilac

Everyone knows white means purity; hence it’s use by brides on wedding days. The white lilac is a great idea for Mother’s Day flowers perhaps if you’ve been a little naughty the past year.


Is your mum as graceful as the Queen? Then Jasmine might be the right Mother’s Day flower. Jasmine signifies elegance, nobility and grace.

White Dittany

The White Dittany symbolises feelings of love and passion. So perhaps this is for the mother of your kids. It’s claimed to be an aphrodisiac as well, so this Mother’s Day could be dad’s best one yet with these flowers.

Cherry Blossom

People pay thousands of dollars to see these flowers in both Japan and China. They’re also one of the prettiest flowers on the planet. If your mother is the girly girl type, some of these pink beauties may be the go.


Is your mum a crafty type? A bouquet of Angelica flowers this Mother’s Day may help as they are said to encourage feelings of creativeness. They can also act as a stress reliever and encourage rest. So if your mum is the hard working type, she may also love a bunch of these.

Purple Hyacinth

This flower is famous for the ancient story of Apollo who accidentally killed Hyacinthus. So if you’ve gotten away with murder (hopefully figuratively, that is) the purple version of these flowers mean “please forgive me”. The perfect apology this Mother’s Day.


These flowers can mean different things depending on the colour you get. White means sweet and lovely, pink symbolises ‘I will never forget you’. You need to be wary of two-toned versions as they mean ‘I cannot be with you’ while yellow Carnations mean ‘disdain’. Or maybe that’s exactly what you want to show this Mother’s Day. We don’t recommend it though.

Spoil Mum with a MàZi Mother’s Day experience

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