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Crème brûlée, also known as burnt cream, is a French dessert that dates back to 1691, consisting of a lavish custard base crowned with a contrasting layer of caramel. The custard base is usually flavoured with vanilla but can also be flavoured with a variety of other flavourings.
With the widespread accessibility of high quality bakery equipment, the crème brûlée has become a popular dessert in homes and restaurants. The type of topping and the way in which it becomes caramelised can vary greatly depending on such equipment and the style of cooking.
The team at MàZi prepare the vanilla crème brûlée by slowly baking each one at 100 degrees then setting them to chill. Once chilled, they are sprinkled with sugar and finished off by burning the sugar top (hence ‘crème brûlée’, the burning of the crème).


This dish has been labelled a Signature Dish in MàZi’s new winter menu. It’s the perfect example of modest, timeless cooking. It is unforgettable, tantalising and gluten free. Request a booking online today or call us on 8037 8200 to make a reservation.
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