That day of the year is approaching where some partners put the pressure on their loved one to spoil them with gifts despite Christmas being just six weeks beforehand. Yes Valentine’s Day can be quite the hassle, not to mention expensive.
But never fear, we’ve found 10 great gift or experience ideas to help spoil your partner this year without having to give the credit card another serious workout.


As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But that’s also true for some ladies as well! There’s a number of ways you can go about this such as cooking up a great meal or buying them a Big Mac meal (if your Valentine’s Day budget can stretch a bit, treat yo self by adding a cheeseburger!). Or you could do something really special and get the local butcher to whip up a meat tray. You could then organise all your partner’s friends around to cook up a barbeque that weekend.


Chocolate sales are always up come February and a lot of girls and boys love a little choccie. You can go for your usual bar or slab but to go next level, melt some dipping chocolate (aka chocolate fondue) and cut up some strawberries and banana to dip into it.


Tickets to the footy are great for the partner who loves live sport. The NRL season starts the first weekend of March (just a couple weeks after Valentine’s Day) and if he or she is a footy fan they’ll be hungry to see their team play for the first time in over five months. If you support different teams, you’ll need to hope that your teams don’t play on the same day. If that’s the case, maybe a nice night at the pub together will be just as nice.
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Does your partner love to lift, bro? A fresh box of their favourite protein or pre-workout would be much loved. If they don’t like the gym, perhaps this could be the subtle hint they need to get a bit of a pump every now and then.


Do you know what their favourite flower is? If you don’t, you damn well better find out. If it’s roses, you’re looking at a hefty Valentine’s Day budget increase. However, you may just strike gold and find they love flowers that don’t get thought about too much around February and therefore are much more affordable.


If you’re looking for something a bit sensual, GroupOn has a whole section of great discounted deals dedicated to beauty and spas. Picking the right treatment may be a challenge for some partners if they’re quite picky. You may however want to avoid anything overly suggestive like liposuctions or laser hair removal. You can’t go wrong with a nice massage or manicure though.


Sometimes thought does count and a gift that shows you care rather than shows you spend might do the trick. In the age of selfies being taken almost on a daily basis, customised photo gifts are a great idea and very affordable these days. Good old fashion photo albums or framed photos are always good or you can go something a little more cheesy like a key chain, mug or cushion.


We’ve separated this from the photo ideas above because you don’t want to be that person that wears clothes with a picture of their partner on it. For the people with a bit of an obsession with a band, poet or movie, you could think of one of their favourite quotes and have it designed onto a shirt or singlet. You could also apply this to a poster, frame, mug or cushion similar to the photo gift ideas.


Bike riding is a great couples activity, especially when the sun is shining in the middle of summer. Thanks to many people purchasing pushies and not persisting with going for rides, second hand items are a plenty on sites like Gumtree and eBay. You can easily find a decent second hand bike for both men and women for under $100.
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