Life is too damn short to have meat and two veggies every night of the week. The human race wouldn’t have evolved without experimenting with food. Like for example, who was the first to look at a cow and decide to drink what it feeds its calf? And then again to take it and let it curdle and eat the solids that it forms? Food is a lot like life, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. It’s also subjective so some of these you may call a win and some you may call a loss.

Halloumi on a burger

While burgers almost always come with a yellow cheese of some sort, a bit of fried haloumi adds a whole other dimension to the mix. The saltiness works perfectly with the meat and salad. For those who love the sweet and savoury, the sacrilegious fruit that is the pineapple will also get the tastebuds going as well.

Brie on sandwiches

Another cheese addition that’s beyond your normal cheddar varieties is brie. Normally seen next to crackers on a board, brie has a great texture and taste and goes best with white meats like chicken or turkey (goes great with those Christmas leftovers).

Chocolate and avocado

Avocado doesn’t have much taste to it but is great when mixed in salads or on sandwiches. Meanwhile, chocolate is arguably the most loved taste in the world. Mash the two together and you’ve got a great, healthier alternative to ice cream.

Mango and chilli

This one isn’t that unusual in south east Asia, with chilli and mango being very popular in Thailand. It also makes for a good salsa that goes well with ham. Add a little lime juice, onion and garlic and you’ve got a flavour sensation for summer right there.

Banana and peanut butter

Peanut butter goes so well with almost anything, this one is almost not list worthy. But banana and PB on a sandwich divides opinions. This is a great little energy hit at breakfast for those with a big day ahead of them. Some even like to add a little honey on top.

Jam and cream cheese

This is one that is fairly common and divides opinion. Those with a sweet tooth will love this on a scone or bagel. It’s not the healthiest combo going around, but life is too short eh?

Vegemite and avocado

The Australian jar packed full of Vitamin D is either loved or hated and the avocado is much the same. So this combo could be well loved or make someone gag. Vegemite’s appeal is the salty taste and the avocado’s weak taste and buttery texture means it’s a great combo on some toasted fresh pieces of bread.

Pork on a burger

MàZi’s Asian marinated pork burger is definitely one our chef pulled from left field but it’s fast becoming one of the favourites. With chilli jam and lettuce on a brioche bun, it’s one for the adventurous diner and one you must try at least once.

Ham and egg pizza

The Bismark pizza is also a new addition to the MàZi summer menu and it sure has turned some heads. Bacon and egg on a pizza shouldn’t work, but it does. With a bit of mozzarella and Spanish onion on a freshly rolled base fresh out of the woodfired oven, it’s a sensation that you really need to give a go.
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