Pork belly is a boneless graze of meat from the belly of a pig. It’s well-liked in Asian, European and North American cuisine.
Pork in Australia wasn’t as popular as it is today. In 2005 PorkStar launched an extensive print campaign that ran in top-tier food magazines across the country to motivate chefs and food industry leaders to bring back the protein on menus across Australia.
A string of dining events, also called PorkStar, rolled out across our sunburnt country, which assembled the nation’s topmost chefs for the revival of protein. PorkStar’s campaign was a success with restaurants seeing the return of pork to the menu.
The Twice Cooked Pork Belly at MÀZi has been a menu staple since the Lantern Clubs opening in 2012.
It’s baked slow at 120 degrees for three hours, soaked in a special master stock, then cooled and pressed over night. Upon serving it is cut, fried and tossed in glazed pineapple sauce and finished with a serving of lentils.


This dish has been labelled a Signature Dish in MÀZi’s new winter menu. Its zesty overtones makes for the perfect dish for the colder days and nights. Enjoy an intimate dinner or gather your family and friends for a memorable feast or celebration at Lantern Club.
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