The Benefits of a Career within the Club Industry in Australia

As you step into the welcoming reception area, you feel as if you’ve arrived at your second home. It’s fun, exciting, bright lights are in abundance and the worries, cares and the hustle and bustle of the outside world are now faint, continuing to sink into the back of your mind. You can feel it in the air, your senses become heightened. Touch, taste, sounds, smell and sight are all tantalised by the excitement of a day or night out. You can feel a sense of escape in the grasp of your hands, as the dazzling whimsical music hits your ears and the strong aromas of your favourite meals being prepared by chefs waft towards you. 

The surreal atmosphere is inviting, it makes you feel warm, as if you’re receiving a loving hug from someone special, like you’ve come home. You’ve made your way into your local club, a place where you can put your worries aside and take time out for yourself, meet a friend for a drink or celebrate with your family. Your familiar surroundings are cosy, comfy, yet invigorating and your only option is to focus on the beating pulse of this captivating life and the social hub that stands before you. You proceed to the cafe within the club, you are handed your first barista-made coffee, that first sip gives you instant relaxation. The smooth taste of slow-roasted coffee beans begin to make you wonder, what makes this place so special? Apart from you, the members who are the beating heart of your club, it’s the special team members who you’ve come to know as family. Ever wondered what it would be like to have a positive impact on someone’s life everyday? A club employee is more than a bar tender, baker, chef or barista, they’re a sound ear, a helping hand and a connection to others. 

Imagine starting out in a career within this industry, you get to make someone feel a sense of excitement and create relationships, food, drinks and fun on a day-to-day basis. You put a smile on members’ faces and make a significant contribution to the quality of community life. Working in the industry allows you to build skills, interact daily with customers and allows you versatility across different industries under one roof. One day you could be crafting a glamorous event space for a special celebration, the next you could be serving a delicious home-style meal to a group of friends who haven’t seen each other since high school, and you get to be part of it all. 

However you choose to start your club career, it can be the ultimate journey into a long and successful career with a vast array of skill development and multiple vocations. There are no shortages of personal development in any club areas, including food and beverage, customer service and promotions, right through to maintenance, administration and that’s just the beginning.

As club employees, everyday, we put our uniform on and we know we will make a difference in someone’s life and uphold the great values that all clubs maintain. Everyday is different from the last, with new sets of challenges, not to mention the personal development and growth which can help set up an individual for the rest of their life. 

Other benefits of the club industry include versatile working hours which in turn, give you more opportunities to balance your priorities. Pushing forward into the future, there is no shortage of vocations and career choices you can’t pursue when working for a club. Clubs are also a great starting point and can provide you with the experience that you need for many other industries such as restaurants, gyms, casinos, cruise ships, retirement care, management – and that’s just to name a select few. One of the biggest benefits that we can’t forget to mention are the long-term meaningful relationships between team members and members alike that are guaranteed to be formed along the way.

Today, we focus on a shining star at our club, Lantern Club. 

Phuong is a talented and dedicated Club Supervisor. In the video below, he explains his role and day-to-day activities, how he manages his team and how versatile the club is to suit his work and lifestyle balance. 

Phuong has rolled out several projects in-house at Lantern Club and has also had the opportunity to move around to different clubs within the group. 

Click to view Phuong’s full video below:

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