Congratulations to all the Clubs and their staff who were part of the 2014 OOPS nominations.

OOPS Awards 2014
Anne Bell, Michelle Pascoe & Sofia LaMacchia

At OOPS in 2014 their focus has been the MEASURING of “SERVICE  DELIVERY”.  More than just a “transaction”, it’s building upon the engagement between patrons and staff, becoming an “interaction” that is memorable, encouraging patrons to return as well as recommend and refer friends and family.

In 2014 they introduced an additional measuring tool that complements their rigorous and comprehensive Quant & Qual measurement tool, to its long standing Business Insight Reports (Mystery Shopping) the “Mapping of the Journey”.  This tool provides a “cool” visual to Club management tracking the “journey” of the patron within their establishment and the effect of every facility they use and staff interaction.  This new measuring tool is “subjective” and is all about the “feeling” that the patron has and is left with after each experience. 

Service is not just about the “please and thank you” it’s the “feeling” that the patron experiences that creates a memory that has them “returning or not”!  (Michelle Pascoe)

Consistency of service across a wide range of departments, employees and operating systems is one of the toughest challenges facing the service manager today.  How do we get all employees on the same page?  It isn’t easy but it is doable.  The key lies in two critical areas, TRAINING and MEASUREMENT. OOPS offer both services and have done so since 1994.

Over the past 12 months I was privileged to attend conferences in San Diego, Singapore and Vietnam to hear speakers from all around the Globe discuss the “CX” – the Customer Experience and the effect on their bottom line.  These were mid size Market Research companies as well as multi national companies such as Kellog and Pepsi who had no control in the majority of cases of the final sale “delivery” (interaction) between their product and the consumer. (Michelle Pascoe)

Armed with all this information the team began to “ramp” up the CX measuring tool (Mapping of the Journey) in 2014 and will continue to do so to “stretch” clients and their staff to achieve high and consistent levels of service delivery, whether it be from staff in the High Rollers room or the buggy driver in the car park.

OOPS are very excited and proud to announce the winners of the 2014 SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARDS because each and everyone of their clients has strived to achieve our benchmark and many of them continually surpassed it month after month the benchmark has been raised in 2015. When looking at the results for 2014 to select the winners the scores were very close, as all the clients have improved upon their service delivery and the overall operations of their business.

Superior Service “Staff” Award

The “Mystery Snoops” each month highlight the service of specific employees who have provided Superior Service either to them directly or to another patron. These employees are awarded a printed certificate.

The winners of the OOPS SUPERIOR STAFF AWARD TROPHY 2014 are:

Sofia LaMacchia and Anne Bell

Both from the Lantern Club.  This Club is part of the Mingara Group and is based at Roselands.  Anne is the smiling, welcoming face when you enter the Club while Sofia is employed in Mazi, making the dining experience more pleasurable as she recognises patrons, greeting them warmly and welcoming new diners.

Debbie Waicokacola (Lantern Club GM) and Sofia LaMacchia
Debbie Waicokacola (Lantern Club GM) and Sofia LaMacchia

Debbie Waicokacola (Lantern Club GM) and Anne Bell
Debbie Waicokacola (Lantern Club GM) and Anne Bell

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