Are you ready to renew yourself this spring? Here are seven ways to do just that.

Renew your fitness regime

There’s a reason why gyms and fitness centres get more sign ups in Spring than any other time of the year. Summer is approaching and after a little too much comfort eating in the colder months, the panic sets in. But if the gym isn’t your thing, it’s also a great time to start working out outdoors with more sunshine and warm days. Whether that’s bike riding, swimming or just getting up and walking more. Long walks are an easy way to renew yourself both physically and mentally.

Renew your diet

Along with a good fitness regime, renewing yourself won’t be complete if it’s not matched to a good diet. Now you don’t need to be that annoying person who puts a label on it. Don’t worry about Atkins, Paeleo, Keto etc. Don’t overthink it. Just eat more vegetables. Drink more water. Every adult knows which foods are bad and those that are good. Vegetables are the key. Whether you like to roast them, stir fry them or blend them up in a smoothie. If you consume a diet that’s dominated by fresh produce from the soil of the earth with a bit of lean meat (fish and skin-free poultry are best) and a little bit of fruit thrown in, you can’t go wrong.

Renew your look

Now that you’ve renewed yourself with your health, it’s time to spruce yourself up with some maintenance from head to toe. For women, spring is a big time for waxing, shaving, trimming, plucking, filing and cutting. It’s like a car getting detailed. But what about the blokes? Manscaping is getting a lot more common. Now you don’t need to get rid of all of your body hair like you’re a Tour De France cyclist trying to improve your aerodynamics, simple trims in certain bushy places can do wonders.

Renew your relationship

Are you in a relationship you’re having second thoughts about? Are you single and looking for love? It’s time to work out what you need and what you want. For many people, both being in a relationship or being single can become a habit, rather than being enjoyable. It’s arguably the hardest way to renew yourself in this list, because you have or need third parties involved. But it’s a free country Australia, if you want to be in or out of a relationship, it is your choice. Plus it’s 2022, the internet has made dating easier than ever.

Renew your job

Much like a relationship you don’t want to be in, are you in a career or job that’s become stale? Work is something that we all need to do, so why not find a career that you love? Now not all of us can achieve the dreams like playing cricket for Australia or being an astronaut, but simply a change of employer can be a great way to renew yourself. Find a place that you are wanted and treated right. If it means a change in salary, you could change your lifestyle to match.

Renew your location

Change is as good as a holiday, they do say. Nothing can renew you like moving to somewhere different. Whether it’s one suburb across or the other side of the world, it could be something that brings the best out of you. Life is too short to be in the same place for its entirety, both physically and metaphorically.

Treat yo self and your loved ones

A way to renew yourself is to treat yo self. It’s scientifically proven that buying yourself and your loved ones something nice makes you release endorphins. Whether it’s a physical item, a holiday or simply a night out. If you’re stuck for ideas, what about a nice meal out? Lantern Club’s MaZi is the perfect place to renew yourself or your love with a relaxed environment and of course amazing food. To see MaZi’s menu click here. To book a table, call our friendly Reception team on 8037 8200.