Dating apps/websites

In the modern times of smart phones and apps, this is the obvious answer especially for the shy or time poor. Tinder absolutely changed the dating scene throughout the world. For those who don’t know, Tinder is an app on your phone where you create a profile which sources your name and photos from your Facebook account (don’t worry, your profile isn’t linked). You then set your gender, the gender you’re seeking, the age range you’re looking for and also the distance you’re willing to travel to find love (up to 100km radius from where you are at that point). You’re then presented profiles of those matching your criteria. If you like what you see, you swipe it right. Not impressed, swipe to the left. If two people say yes to each other, you get a notification and a private message option becomes available. Now the app is dominated by those in their twenties and of course many of them aren’t looking for exactly long term love. But many a Tinderella has met their Prince Charming. What have you got to lose? Those who are a little older might prefer a website like RSVP or eHarmony. They tend to be a little more, ah, formal.

Other online places

For the online savvy, there are options beyond the cliché dating apps/websites. There’s what the kids call “sliding into DMs”. Facebook groups are a great way to socialise with people with the same interest as you and what better place to find somebody to bond with. Now a post of “I’m single, any takers” probably will have people running for the hills and you’re more likely to receive banishment from the group. But what good is Facebook without a little stalking? If the person doesn’t have a significant other in their viewable pictures, add them and see what happens. Sure, it sounds creepy as hell. But it’s another line casted in the ocean at least. The worst that can happen is a decline. Or maybe an AVO. Just kidding.

Friend’s help

Get a good old fashioned wingman/wing woman. Whether that’s in a social setting and getting them to help break the ice or give you an emergency get out plan or they perhaps could set you up on a blind date with someone single they know of. The dream scenario is getting your friend set up with your partners friend as you’ll never have to choose between your mate and your soul mate. So the motivation for both your friend and their partner to help out should be high. Though be wary of the mate’s partner’s lies about their friend. If their first description is “great personality”, ask to see a photo first.

Join a group

This is similar to the other online place options but a lot less creepy, most of the time. Again, finding someone with a similar hobby or interest are instant points and makes conversations easier to start. This group could be anything from gym classes/bootcamps, sporting clubs, book clubs and even night education classes (hey, it’s better than just sitting on the couch eating Twisties).

Avoid nightclubs

It’s going to be hard to make a connection with someone in a dark room and music so loud you can’t have a proper conversation. Unless someone really turns youon by yelling slowly in your ear, try more low key bars or pubs.
Money for holidays planning

On a holiday

When you’re away from home and on holidays, you have a few things on your side: you’ll be in a good mood, you’ll have time on your hands and more than likely you’ll be a little intoxicated. But also, it’s going to be a little easier to approach someone as in the back of your mind you’ll know that rejection will be less embarrassing with no one you know around. Though the only issue is, falling in love away from home could lead to a long distance relationship. But sometimes getting out of your hometown bubble can do wonders.

Valentine’s Day at Lantern Club

At Lantern Club we love everything about love. So when February 14 rolls around we always make it a special night in MaZi. Bring the significant other you convinced to like you and at the very least you’ll have a meal so good you might even remember longer than the person you’re sharing it with.
To book a table for Valentine’s Day, call our friendly Reception team on 8037 8200.