If there’s one thing about Dads, it’s that they love telling their kids (and wives) useless facts and terrible jokes. We won’t bore you with the latter, we’ll leave that to dad. But here are a few interesting facts which you can take to your beloved dad and impress him!
Father and son standing on the sea shore holding hands at sunset
• Dad’s make up a total of 20% of Australia’s population, that’s almost 5 million dads in total.
• About 156,000 of Aussie dads are single parents with approximately 228,000 children between them.
• In Australia there are 4.4 million children who have families where one parent works full time and the other does not. In 97% of these, their father is the one who works full time.
• The average age of first time dads in Australia is 33.1. Victorian and ACT are the states for older dads with a median father’s age of 33.7. Northern Territory and Tasmania on the other hand are more likely to be younger dads with the median age of first time fathers being 31.5 and 31.7 years respectively.
Nice family photo of little boy and his father. Boy and dad smiling and lying on wooden floor. Boy riding piggyback
• Gen Y dads are supposedly different to dads of the past, according to research. While dads of previous generations were good at handy things like building a cubby house, fixing a tap or a punctured tyre, fathers under 30 are much less likely to do this. However, the younger generation fathers are more likely to do things like nappy changes, cake baking, washing and do the school drop off.
• According to 2007 statistics, 16% of dads feel like they don’t get to spend enough time with their kids because of their work. There’s also no difference between the average hours worked by men who are fathers and who are not.
• Father’s Day in America is the third Sunday of June, not the first Sunday in September when Australia celebrates it. This date is relevant to the origins of Father’s Day as this Sunday is the closest to the June solstice. This is when the sun is at it’s closest to the earth’s northern hemisphere (so the exact middle of summer). Ancient Pagans believed the sun was the father of the universe; hence they started Father’s Day! However, it didn’t become an actual tradition for modern culture until it was first celebrate on June 19, 1910 in Washington in the US.
So now you’ve got facts to impress dad, how else can you amaze him this Father’s Day (Sunday September 4th)? Well Lantern Club will be the perfect place for you to take dad as we will transform it into a Dad’s heaven! Of course there’ll be some amazing dishes created by our super chef John Lanzafame and his MAZi team. It’s not just a succulent feast for dad to enjoy.
We’ve also got some awesome entertainment and activities lined up to make it a Father’s Day your dad will never forget.
Entertainment on Father’s Day will come from the sensational music of Clive Hay. Hay has been a professional musician for two decades and toured with a number of bands around the world including some of the biggest bands of South Africa. He can not only sing, but play the piano and guitar as well.
Clive plays amazing covers from all of dad’s classic favourites such as The Eagles, Bryan Adams and Fleetwood Mac.
Clive CD single pics 044 (Custom)
So what will dad be served up on Father’s Day? Well we have a barbeque meal like no other! The two course meal will start with the choice of either a seafood plate or a meat plate.
If your dad loves his seafood, he’ll be in heaven with the plate featuring ocean king prawns, a salmon fillet, swordfish and octopus. Or if he’s more into meat of the land variety, the meat plate comes with succulent pulled lamb, Portuguese barbeque chicken and porchetta. All tables will also receive complimentary green salads, Greek salads and sliced ciabatta bread with butter and oil.
For dessert, there’ll be a humble homemade apple pie served with warm custard. Even the hungriest of dad’s will leave fully satisfied with his feast.
You can see the menu in full here.
To book a table, call 02 8037 8200.
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