Here at Lantern Club we are passionate about community. We want to be an active and positive presence in the Roselands and greater Canterbury area. One aspect of this commitment is Club Grants, Lantern Club’s way of helping to make long-lasting improvements to the quality of life of our community where they need it most. It was through Club Grants that we were recently able to donate $10,000 to projects at two local primary schools: one at Hannans Road, Riverwood and Riverwood Primary School itself.
The project is known as Seed Harvest Spoon Education and provides a child-focused community development and education program centring on environmental sustainability and food-growing workshops. Our intention in supporting these two projects is to help bring local communities closer together through shared interests and a sense of purpose.
The intention behind community incentives within Riverwood and the greater Canterbury area is to promote greater engagement with families through volunteer programs and a number of other socially-oriented activities. We have found that when results are visible and tangible, the project has a greater chance of succeeding. This why we are compelled to back the Seed Harvest Spoon Education initiative.
On Wednesday 2nd September we met up with a great group of students at Riverwood Primary School who were animated in helping us understand all the benefits of the project and to show us what they had achieved so far. It was a delight to see such enthusiasm and to meet a group of children who had such a solid understanding of the benefits of sustainability in particular.
The Seed Harvest Spoon Education initiative currently offers four workshop programs delivered one day a week over four school terms.

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