Our best picks to treat your single self this Valentine’s Day

We all dread it, us single people, when the calendar rolls around to February and we’re bombarded with pictures of happy couples canoodling all over social media. There’s posters of loved up duos plastered over shop windows, and reminders of our singledom with online advertising targeting us to ‘meet local singles now’. 

But, what if we don’t want to be in a relationship? What if our happiness comes from solitude? Obviously friends and family are in our lives and lovers may come and go, but some of us enjoy the single life and hope it stays that way – at least for the time being. 

The team at Lantern Club have got together to work out our top 6 activities for single people in Sydney this Valentine’s Day.

1. The cinema

Single in the cinema
Single in the cinema – choose the movie YOU want to see!

It’s the best form of escapism. You sit in the dark, no distractions, turn off your phone (no social media scrolling) and focus. It’s just the screen and you. And while the subject on the screen could be partnered, who cares! It’s not talking directly to you like your nonna, asking ‘when will you settle down and give me some great grandchildren’… and you reply ‘sorry nonna, not now, I’m writing a blog’… ummm, okay, back to the cinema. 

The best part of going to the cinema as a singleton is that YOU get to decide the film. No nagging from the other half about what she/he wants to watch, you decide for yourself. Hmmm, that Romanian film playing at The Dendy about the dying widow looks good. We’ve all agreed, the cinema is no. 1. Be a loud and proud loner and enjoy some you time at your local silver screen – and don’t forget the popcorn.

2. Sunday drive – escape the city for an afternoon

The classic Sunday drive that has been so ‘out-of-vogue’ for such a long time now is back. We’re presenting this as option 2 for a Valentine’s Day activity for us single folk. Picture it, a leafy drive through the back roads of a regional country town. Cute little houses and rolling greenery all around – its hours of discovery all from the driver’s seat. The secret with a good ‘Sunday drive’ is not to plan it. Hop in the car and head for the city’s outer limits – go north, south or west (or northwest, southwest, you get the picture). 

It’s on these drives of impromptu discovery that we often stumble upon our next weekend getaway destination, favourite little pub or the best homemade steak sandwich at a little ‘off the beaten track’ cafe somewhere. 

Now of course, living in a global, cosmopolitan city with great (ahem) transport links (well, most of time anyway), many of us don’t have our own car. GoGet is a great choice that allows you to rent a car for as little as $6.50 per hour, so there’s no excuse not to get out of the city to enjoy a Sunday drive for one.

3. A romantic meal for one

Whitney Houston sang it best, “learning to love yourself, is the greatest love of all.” So love yourself and be proud of it. Bite the bullet and book a table on Valentine’s Day. Choose somewhere nice for yourself, but book early, even large spaces such as MàZi at Lantern Club fill up fast so make sure you book now to avoid disappointing yourself. And while you’re at your romantic meal for one, who says you can’t indulge in that seafood platter for two? Sure, you may have to loosen the belt buckle for a few hours afterwards, but being single, you can go for a run while those coupled people laze in front of their favourite streaming service. In all honesty, even if you did order the platter for two, most Sydney restaurants will give you a ‘doggy bag’ so you’ll have another delicious meal the next day – it’s win win!

4. Splurge on a BIG gift for yourself

While we’re on the theme of learning to love yourself, what Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a gift! The best part is, you get to choose the gift so you know that you’ll like it – worst case scenario, keep the receipt in case yesterday you doesn’t agree with the you of today. Now, what to buy for yourself? We recommend a nice case of wine (your choice of variety), or maybe a piece of jewellery, once again, you know what you like. For those into tech, the latest Sony Android TV is a nice choice, or for people who like fitness, a new pair of runners. Brooks and Nike are the teams’ choice in this space. Whatever you choose for yourself make it special, now is not the time to be stingy – it’s Valentine’s Day after all.

5. Pamper, pamper pamper!

This one’s all about feeling great and relaxing and indulging. You’re the queen or king for the day. We’re talking full body massage, mani-pedi and a skin treatment of your choice. First, the massage – these aren’t just about feeling great (which is a big part), but having regular massages has many proven benefits including the reduction of stress hormones, help with sleeping better, improved immune system and greater flexibility. Manicures and pedicures can help prevent infections developing underneath and around your nails and the massage of your hands and feet helps boost your circulation. Finally, a skin treatment such as a facial peel, is great to clear your skin of any acne, improves your complexion and helps to fix any damage caused by the sun. So there you have it girls and boys, there’s simply no excuse not to pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day. One of awesome local day spas, Helena’s is our recommendation. 

6. Party time – throw an anti-Valentine’s Day shindig

Okay, we know this is sort of against the ‘solo’ grain, however, it’s still for singles (and maybe couples who agree with your premise), our final idea is an anti-Valentine’s Day party. Prepare your invite list by gathering all of your single best friends and get them to bring a bowl, a few drinks and you can supply the nibbles and the fun. We recommend keeping numbers low for this party, you ideally want 6 to 10 people so you can play some awesome games! Heads Up is number 1, all you need is a smart phone and your willing participants. Cards Against Humanity is our next game, not one for the prudish, we can ensure you that you’re guests and you will soon be in fits of hysterics in no time. And lastly, make sure you keep the fun flowing with a classic game of Twister! Spin the dial and see where it lands – it’s an oldie but a goodie and we know you won’t regret bring out the old Twister mat.

Remember, singletons and couples alike, the team at Lantern Club hope the year ahead is full of love, (from friends and family), laughter and happiness. Enjoy, MWAH!