Fact: one in eight women in NSW will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

Why is Lantern Club involved in this community initiative?

It has recently been disclosed that where breast screening rates in NSW are concerned, Canterbury is falling short. Canterbury residents, which of course includes everyone in Roselands, have the lowest screening rates compared to a state average of 52%. This means something is wrong and Lantern Club wants to help put things right, with your help. There is unlikely to be a family in our community that hasn’t been affected at one time or another by cancer. However unlike past generations, we are all encouraged to talk openly about this insidious disease. Why? Because detection and treatment have come a long way in the last 30 years. Where 5-year survival rates after breast cancer diagnosis stood at 78% 30 years ago, today that rate stands at 90%. Now a main part of that increase in survival time is down to greater awareness and early diagnosis, which is why our community needs a breast screening centre and why Lantern Club, with your invaluable help, wants to raise $30,000 to go towards the new Campsie Breast Screening Centre. We simply cannot do it without you.
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How you can support this project

Throughout the month of October, Lantern Club is shining PINK! and will be hosting a number of fundraising events to further unite our community and help contribute to the new Campsie Breast Screening Centre for BreastScreen NSW.
The new centre is about helping mature women in the community in the early detection of breast cancer. We really would love you to become involved, no matter in how big or small a way. Whether it is booking a table for a party of 8 for the Fundraiser Dinner, or simply making an equally important yet vital $10.00 or $100.00 donation, we want our local community to be able to look at the new Campsie Breast Screening Centre and say “I helped build that, I helped to save a life”, as the centre will be responsible for saving many lives in the years to come. To us, that is exactly what community spirit is all about……

PINK! Fundraiser Dinner

Lantern Club BreastScreen Fundraiser Dinner
The best thing you could possibly do for this initiative (and equally the most rewarding and entertaining) is attend our spectacular Fundraiser Dinner on Thursday 8th of October. You’ll be wined and dined, informed by our host and Australian Actress Mary Coustas, and serenaded (or perhaps jived out of your seat) by our energetic ensemble The Kamis.
You can purchase tickets individually or bring your friends and family and make a night of it by booking our 8-seat tables. And you can rest easy knowing that 100% of all ticket sales are going straight to BreastScreen NSW for the new screening centre. Seats are limited and time is ticking away, so lock them in now.
*This event is now over so ticket sales have been removed.

How else can you donate?

If you’re unlucky enough to be missing out on our fantastic Fundraiser Dinner – not all is lost! You can still make a valuable contribution by donating direct to BreastScreen NSW. When these preventative measures are available, there’s no reason why the women of Canterbury should not have access to this valuable health service. Help us to raise our goal of $30,000 for the new Campsie Breast Screening Centre. Let’s give the women of our community the support they need. After all, if we don’t – who will?
*Lantern Club’s PINK! October is now over and donations have now been closed.

PINK! Events this October

Got PINK fever? We’ve got you catered. Lantern Club is hosting a series of themed events throughout October so together we can be doing even more to reach our fundraising goal – and have loads of fun while doing it. We present to you, in order of appearance…

1. Launch of New BreastScreen NSW van

Thursday 1st October 10:30am – 11:30am
Out the front of Lantern Club, 21 Roseland Avenue, Roselands
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Lantern Club’s PINK! October has gone off with a bang with the official launch of the impressive BreastScreen NSW mobile van. Attendees enjoyed light refreshments while learning about and celebrating this purpose-driven unit, the peak of accessible healthcare and modern technology. Informative talks were given by members of the community, Lantern Club representatives and BreastScreen NSW.

2. PINK! Bingo

Monday 5th October. Tickets from 10:30am for an 11:00am start
Lantern Club’s Community Room
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Join us at Lantern Club for a one time only PINK! Bingo session. Don’t let this Labour Day public holiday slip away – make the most of it. Treat yourself to a range of pink-coloured goodies and enjoy this unique twist on our traditional bingo event. Various fundraising activities and raffles will be held throughout.

3. PINK! BreastScreen Fundraiser Dinner

PINK Sign_mini
Thursday 8th October from 6:15pm – 9:30pm
MàZi Restaurant, Lantern Club
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 We’ve noted key information about this event above – if you want to know more, scroll up – or get straight down to business and buy your tickets now.

*This event is now over so ticket sales have been removed.

4. Pink Sports Day #1

Saturday 17th October from 11:00am – 1:00pm
Kingsgrove Cricket Club
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Saturday, 24th October – Kingsgrove Cricket Club
Leaning more towards something open-air and sweat-inducing? Our affiliate Kingsgrove Cricket Club will be having various ‘pink stumps’ cricket games throughout the area with fundraising activities at each ground.

5. Pink Sports Day #2

Saturday 24th October from 9am
Roselands Swimming Club
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Our affiliate Roselands Swimming Club will be hosting a pink swimming day to raise funds that will contribute to Lantern Club’s $30,000 goal. Good fun for the family or anyone who gets their kicks from the submerged state.

6. Party in PINK! Melbourne Cup Day

Lantern Club Melbourne Cup
Tuesday 3rd November. Sweeps available from 10am .
MàZi Restaurant
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Be there to celebrate and watch our finest horses pelt towards the finish line in the race that stops a nation. Gather your friends and immerse yourself in the excitement as the energy hits fever-pitch during the final minutes of the race. And it’s not just about the race itself – before and after the event you’ll be enjoying the glamorous outfits, sipping on bubbly and enjoying gourmet dining, compliments MàZi Restaurant. 

Well then!

If you’re still reading, we hope by now you’ve locked in some PINK! events, bought your tickets to the fundraiser dinner and made a donation! We would really love you to support these events and support those who are giving freely of their time to organise them – help make every event enjoyable, successful and fun. So if you haven’t yet, make sure you clear some space in your diary and come and join in the fun for what is without doubt an extremely worthwhile community project.
If you have any questions, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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