I am very excited to join the team at Lantern Club as Relief Club Supervisor. It has been a pleasure to meet members and guests over the last couple of months and you might be wondering about my background. I feel that I was destined to be in this industry and am now the youngest of three generations in club management.
Long before the rise of celebrity and junior chefs, I showed an ability for cooking at a very young age and aspired to be a chef. I completed studies as part of my high school education, completed work experience in clubs and restaurants and participated in trade competitions. After completing my HSC, I was drawn to nursing and was working part time in a sports club whilst studying. I soon realised that my enthusiasm for hospitality wouldn’t go away. I decided to leave university to pursue a career in my first love, cooking.
I was very dedicated to my craft and undertook apprenticeships at several hatted restaurants in Sydney. I was invited to participate in Tasting Success, a leadership and mentoring program for emerging female chefs through the Sydney Institute of TAFE. I participated in media training, food and wine matching and master classes. Lyndey Milan, a patron of the program, chose Peter Gilmore as my mentor and I was provided experience in his three hatted restaurant, Quay.
My passion was recognised and I was awarded a scholarship from HTN and Clubs NSW. On completion of my qualification, I was awarded an achievement scholarship to further my education. I am currently studying part time, a degree in Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education with specialisation in Vocational Education and Training. I completed practical placement as student teacher of hospitality students in TAFE. I am keen to give back to the industry, sharing the knowledge and skills that others have instilled in me, through the professional learning of others.
As Team Leader and Supervisor in food and bar service at a large conference venue, I soon realised that front of house and direct contact with customers is very fulfilling. Your satisfaction and enjoyment is my reward and I look forward to us getting to know each other better.

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