This morning Lantern Club held its first internal Master Barista Challenge.

This challenge saw several Lantern Club team members create their own signature coffees as well as showcasing their espresso and cappuccino skills. Four team members made this morning’s final after a competitive round of nine outstanding entrants. Judging the challenge were Lantern Club’s Executive Chef Osman Katirci, Michelle Pascoe from OOPS and JJ Wallace from Hennessy Coffee.

The signature coffees included a frappe style coffee with meringue and a homemade macaron, a mint slice coffee with a homemade chocolate spoon, a cross coffee/chai latte and our winner’s creation included coffee jelly and a chocolate lid with homemade lavender ice cream – an impressive display of coffee art by the entrants.


Rachael Zhou (1st )
Lara Wilson (2nd)
Belinda Do (3rd)
Alisa Chaiyaprap (4th)

Rachael Zhou ‘Lantern Club Master Barista’ Winner.

Winning signature coffee ‘Iced French Vanilla’.

Rachael’s winning signature coffee will be available at Màzi over winter as a blackboard special. Be sure to try it!

© Lantern Club, Roselands