Seed Harvest Spoon is a not for profit organisation based in Sydney’s Inner West and they have worked alongside the staff and students of Riverwood Public School to offer high-quality, engaging environmental education for the past four years.
Lantern Club donated $9,200 to Riverwood to help fund the project which is part of close to $50,000 in donations and grants to schools in the Canterbury area this year alone.
Seed Harvest Spoon takes a student-centered approach to learning with each lesson building on each student’s knowledge of environmental sustainability through participation in hands-on, nature-based lessons and gardening activities.
riverwood public school lantern club donation
The lessons are lead by education professionals who are dedicated to creating fun, engaging learning spaces for students and mentoring opportunities for their teachers. They are passionate about authentic learning and building on student’s interests while relating to curriculum objectives and outcomes.
Students engage in outdoor lessons each week extending on essential skills and knowledge in environmental sustainability, organic gardening, cooking and nutrition.
Time spent in the garden delivers structured learning outcomes for the students as well as impacting health, wellbeing and life-skill development. The program has been designed to encompass literacy, science, numeracy, creativity, health and connections to nature. Lessons use the school garden as a catalyst for student learning and engagement.
Students develop skills and knowledge in:
● environmental sustainability and the natural world
● growing food and addressing food sovereignty
● healthy cooking and nutrition literacy
● extension and special interest projects
“Seed Harvest Spoon are a quality provider and bring a wealth of knowledge to our school and community,” said Rob Borg, Principal of Riverwood Primary School.
“Natalie and Michelle go above and beyond, working with the students, parents, community, and volunteers to educate about environmental sustainability.”
“Our school garden is used in a wonderful way, we use the garden setting as a classroom, reconnecting the students back to nature and the natural world around them.
“Students are taught how to source their food, and this teaches them valuable gardening and agriculture concepts and skills that integrate with several subjects, such as math, science, art, health and physical education, and social studies, as well as several educational goals, including personal and social responsibility.
“We love spending time in the garden because we feel like we are part of the nature that is growing around us.”
You can find more about Seed Harvest Spoon on their official website here.
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