Our highest tier members enjoyed an exceptional evening at the best loyalty event in Sydney, the December Diamond Christmas Dinner. Our Lantern Club December Diamond event once again lived up to all expectations, as it should for a membership of this rare quality. Our loyal members were treated to a wonderful festive feast that included fruit platters, an assortment of succulent meats and exceptional seafood, top-class wines and boutique beers, and of course a selection of decadent desserts. And given it was Christmas and our Diamond members mean so much to us, everyone went home with a special gift to thank them for their outstanding custom and loyalty.
Best loyalty event in Sydney

What else does Diamond membership give me?

Receiving an invitation to become a member of an exclusive club is an incredible honour. As a Lantern Club Diamond Rewards member, you receive exclusive benefits that are not available to anyone else. These rewards are in-line with your standing as one of our premium members. As a member of our most prestigious group, it is our job to make sure the service you receive matches your expectations. As such we’ve created a range of benefits befitting your membership status. These include:

  • Invitations to exclusive events and intimate dinners with celebrity guests and entertainers
  • Free barista made espresso, gourmet tea and soft drink in the Players’ Lounge
  • Reward Points issued at Turbo rate, the highest speed available
  • Diamond upgrade reward tailor-made just for you
  • Exclusive Christmas gift

These are in addition to the membership benefits received by all membership levels:

  • Use your Rewards Points to buy retail gift cards
  • Purchase food and drinks with your Rewards Points
  • Automatically receive entry into the multitude of Lantern Club promotions
  • Receive credit for food and drink on your birthday

Best loyalty event in Sydney

How can I become a Diamond Member?

Diamond level is an invitation-only level of membership, with exclusive rewards and events. However, by becoming a Lantern Club Bronze member today, you will have taken the first steps to joining this exclusive club.
When you visit Lantern Club, your Rewards Points will accumulate every time you make a purchase and swipe your membership card. You’ll start at the Bronze entry level, and as you enjoy and take advantage of the services at Lantern Club, you’ll unlock each subsequent membership level. As you move through Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels, you will access a range of additional benefits.
For Gold and Diamond members, you’re so close to receiving your invitation. At this point you’ll be on the cusp of receiving an invitation into Diamond membership status, and unlocking a range of incredible benefits. The key is in accumulating more Rewards Points. Once you reach a pre-determined level, you’ll trigger the invitation that catapults you into our top tier Diamond membership. We’re sure you’ll agree the rewards on offer for Diamond members are exceptional. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be a part of this exclusive club featuring so many incredible benefits?
To get started on your journey to Diamond membership, take a look at the information on our Lantern Rewards page. If you need any further information, we’re just a phone call away. Call (02) 8037 8200 and our dedicated staff will answer your questions.
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