G’day everyone,
With the warm weather here, it is now time for our Summer crops to bloom. When planting out crops always keep in mind the position of the plants – picking a sunny site is a must. Vegetables and herbs need as much sunlight as possible so be sure to select an area that is facing north to northeast to catch the morning sun and has at least four or five hours of direct sunlight each day.
Mark - Market Garden
Take the time to look at your soil. The soil should have a loose, crumbly structure which is capable of absorbing and holding water and nutrients. It should be well aerated and drain freely. If your garden soil is not ideal, build raised beds and fill them with a loamy garden soil.
Don’t forget plenty of water! Watering is extremely important on these hot summer days. Try to water in the mornings and evenings to allow more penetration and less absorption. Mulching vegetable beds, especially in summer, will greatly reduce the loss of soil moisture. It also provides a more even soil temperature and discourages weeds.
Our MàZi summer planting list contains the following vegetables and herbs:
Basil, Beetroot, Chilli, Chives, Coriander, Oregano,Sage & Tomato.
I Hope everyone is enjoying the fine Summer weather. ‘Til next time!
Head Green Keeper

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