Making guests feel special is very much down to what the group of people enjoy. For example, if you’re hosting a bunch of teenagers; you’ll just need a large TV, a PlayStation 4 and unlimited supply of pizza and soft drink and you’re set.
But when it comes to adults feeling like very important people, you’re going to have to take it up a notch. We’ve broken it down into six different categories:

Services start from the moment they arrive

As soon as someone arrives onto your property, they’ve become your guests. Parking can be a stressful situation, especially in some suburbs of Sydney where parking spots are harder to find than a chai latte served out of an avocado skin. Valet parking services are available for hire for parties and can be a great luxury for guests.
Once they’re at your door, guests should not step more than a few feet into your doors without receiving a beverage in their hand. Don’t make them be the awkward guy trying to work out whether to put their hands into their pockets or elsewhere. Having a drink service right near the entry point is a must.
The good old fashion red carpet should be their path into the party. It doesn’t have to be cliché red. But something nice underfoot is a great way to make Sydneysiders feel like VIPs, especially for those in high heels.
red carpet

Surprising features

You need something in the environment that turns heads and gets the camera phones out. Something that starts people talking. This depends massively on the crowd you’re serving. Some people would want an ice sculpture, others may love a chocolate fountain or a fire pit with marshmallows.
red carpet

Canapés and drinks instantly and constantly

As said earlier, drinks must be in hands just metres from the entry point or even earlier. It should also not take more than a few seconds to get a refill of the standard beer or wine or whatever the product of the night is. Food should not only be easily seen, found and eaten, it should also be nicely displayed or brought around by staff. No guest should go hungry or thirsty.
champagne poured

The environment

Again, this comes down to the crowd you’re catering for. The music should match the room and the volume should be adjusted to whether you want a rock concert or dance party compared to background music for mingling. Even the former must have spots where escaping from the sound is possible.
Temperature can be a tough task in Sydney, especially in summer when nights can be 30-plus degrees outside. People are going to be dressed up so a cooler temperature is ideal.
The vibe of the room is key. Just take a minute pre-event to take that in as there’s no way of measuring vibe.
air conditioning


If the event is a dinner party, it goes without saying the food must be top notch in both taste and presentation. Some events will be less formal and a massive ‘serve-yourself’ buffet may be the go, just make sure cutlery, spices/salt/pepper and sauces are easily to obtain and clean. Places to sit and eat are also a must. Standing while eating isn’t what a VIP would be expected to do. Sit down meals should ideally have the meals brought to guests already seated. Drinks too should not be neglected with replenishment done without guests needing to leave the table. To go next level, offer them beverages that will match the meal itself.
Lantern Club meal

The VIP Experience at Sydney’s Lantern Club

From July 24 for four weeks, Lantern Club in Roselands will be rolling out the red carpet and offering some VIP surprises for members and guests. Look out for:
• A friendly welcoming attendant
• Red carpet entry
• Red wine or Moscato on arrival
• Fire pit with marshmallows
• Special VIP theming
• New VIP Promotions including Cash Grab.
To complement your VIP experience, be sure to book a table in MàZi by calling 8037 8200 or click here for more info.
Lantern Club meal