Moussaka, Spanakopita, Keftethakia, Baklava…it’s hard to go past the delicious cuisine given to the world by the Greeks, and you won’t find better Greek food in Canterbury than at Lantern Club. Succulent lamb, the freshest seafood, delicious sauces, vibrant vegetables, olives, feta, and a range of herbs and spices are just some of the ingredients found in Greek food that has made it a favourite for many the world over.
Founded in the Mediterranean lifestyle of Greece, Cyprus and the surrounding sun-drenched islands, sitting down to a meal of your favourite Greek food will transport you from your dinner plate to the beachside cafes and restaurants of Athens, Santorini and Mykonos.

MàZi restaurant
has created a tasty Greek menu including a range of classic and contemporary Greek dishes for our Tuesday, Greek nights. Combined with Greek music, cocktails and beers, you’ll get a taste of the passion and love that the Greek people have for life.Greece’s culinary tradition dates back thousands of years and has evolved over time to absorb many diverse influences and styles of cooking. Greek cuisine has always been the soul of the Mediterranean region and now MàZi brings that soul to your local Roselands Club. Gather your family and friends for a fantastic night of Greek cuisine at MàZi restaurant by booking a table online now or calling MàZi on 8037 8200.
Have a look at some of the special moments shared on Greek nights at Lantern Club recently. And below you can glimpse some of the culinary selection you will discover when you visit:

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