June the 8th every year is National Best Friends Day. This day is all about celebrating the friendships that are so important to each of us. It is worth coming up with some girls night out ideas and planning something fun.
A lot of research has been done into the benefits of friendships and how they enrich our lives. Evidence shows having strong social support boosts your happiness and improves self confidence.
Which of your closest confidants will you celebrate this Best Friends Day with in Sydney or Roselands? We’re sure you can think of a few. Here are some ideas for a girls night out, plus a look at the importance of friends and reminisce about some famous BFFs.

Girls night out ideas: Sydney

There are lots of ideas for ways to have a girls night out or spend time with friends in Sydney or Roselands. An easy cafe catch up is always a favourite.
The more adventurous could try extreme sports, bungee jumping or hang gliding. Many friends get together to go for a bike ride, hit the surf or play a friendly match of tennis.
Shopping is always enjoyable with a friend as well. Whether you head out and spend big or just window shop, it’s a great way to bond and shoot the breeze.
Of course an excellent girls get together idea is a day spa. You can book as a group and plan some relaxation and pampering.
Catch a movie, visit an amusement park or plan a group camping trip. Bring the kids and they can make memories with new friends of their own.
And as always, nothing tops a girls night out with friends. In fact…

Come to the Bubbly Bar to celebrate Best Friends Day!

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Best Friends Day: Why do we need friends?

Loneliness is a real problem, especially in Western society. Studies show loneliness can lead to depression and, in worst case scenarios, even suicide.
A quick science lesson: friendship makes sense because human beings evolved as social creatures. In fact, socialisation is one reason many evolutionary biologists believe we became so intelligent. If you look at less Westernised cultures, you will realise that people still live in very closely bonded groups with shared spaces and environments. This means living on our own and failing to socialise is counter to how we evolved as a species.
With friends, you can share ideas and find solutions to problems. Mates are there for you and you’re there for them. Your ‘homies’ understand you, they’re sympathetic and they’re fun. Having a group of people you can rely on really makes life worthwhile.

The Importance of friendship

Without friends, life can be pretty dull. Some people like to have dozens and dozens of mates and seem to know everyone. Other people have just a few close pals who they hold dear.
Whichever suits you better, there is no denying friends are important. Without our buddies, we can’t discuss our favourite reality shows or sporting teams. We can’t play games and share jokes or stories. What’s more, who would we complain to about work or our families, if we didn’t have a buddy or two?
Studies show that friendship improves quality of life. Having a social circle helps promote brain health as well as physical wellbeing. Our pals keep our social structures strong, as each relationship opens the door to meeting even more people. Friends can help keep you active and even boost your self-esteem.
We all know there’s nothing like a girls night out. It gives us a chance to catch up, share ideas and remember we’re not alone in our troubles.
A good mate will call you out when you are overreacting. They are on your side in times of trouble and are on call to remember the good times with. If you live far from family, your friends can even take on more important roles. They will act as babysitters and be the person who drives you home from hospital.

Not all friends are created equal

We have work friends and close friends, best friends and acquaintances. Your spouse and family members can be described as friends, in that they support you and care about you.
Not all mates are with you for life, and that’s ok. Let’s examine a few of the major different friends you may have through the years:

  • Friends for life: You know who they are. They are your best, closest and often oldest buddies. These are the people who mean the most to you and often know you the best. Sometimes you can go months or even years without seeing these mates but when you do it’s like it has been no time at all. These are the people who you can truly rely on and who can rely on you.
  • Friends for a reason: These friends tend not to be around for long but play a pivotal role in your life. Often they will help you to learn a lesson about yourself or the situation you’re in. These friends help you move on or coax you through a difficult time. The relationship may end naturally or bitterly but it always helps you grow. You may not realise it at the time, but looking back you will see the impact these friends had on your life and probably remember them fondly.
  • Friends for a season: Friends for a season are similar to friends for a reason but tend to last longer. They are often the friends you make due to your circumstances; school friends or work friends for example. They are the ones who you click with because they are there but they don’t always last the distance. Once again though, they will always have things to teach you and you will never forget them.

People may be an incredible friend to you but move away, meaning the odd phone call or Facebook message are the only times you keep in touch. This doesn’t give them any less significance in your life. This Best Friends Day, why not give them a call?
At other times, friendships wane due to changing circumstances. Different life choices or social circles can cause friendships to come to an end. In these situations, it’s best to remember the good times and move on.

How to be a good friend

Friendship is a two-way street. If you want to have and maintain strong relationships, you must be a good friend too. Here are a few ways you can make sure you are being the best friend ever:

  • Be honest and reliable: Say what you mean and mean what you say. Lies are no way to maintain a healthy relationship. Help whenever you can but be honest and say when you can’t. Your besties will appreciate you showing up as promised but being honest if things fall through.
  • Don’t make it all about you: Remember the two-way street. Make sure you share with your friends but allow them to share as well. Take an interest in what they have to say and what they are interested in. It doesn’t mean that you have to go to every one of their netball games. Just knowing that you appreciate their interest will make all the difference.
  • Find the time: Friendships can wither without effort. This can be anything from weekly or monthly get-togethers to annual emails. Come up with some ideas for a girls night out and get your pals to save a date in their calendar.
  • Be trustworthy: Keep their secrets. Let your BFF know that you are on their side no matter what. If your friends know they can trust you they will come to you when they need to. Along with this, you will find it easier to trust them.
  • Be supportive: Have your friend’s back and stick with them through thick and thin. Remember you don’t have to be their therapist, but sit alongside them during their struggles.
  • Don’t give up: If you value a friendship, it is worth working through any conflicts or problems that may arise. All people have clashes now and then. Friendship is more important, so be willing to talk and compromise.
  • Be yourself!: Most importantly, make sure to be who you really are. You will never get the most out of your friends if they don’t actually know you. Your friends should be the ones you can really relax around. If they don’t appreciate the real you, then maybe they are not valuable friends.

Sometimes, friendships can turn toxic. You may realise your friend is sucking away all your energy and making you feel bad about yourself. Some friends also have issues with boundaries. They turn up at all hours and want to take part in everything you do. In other circumstances, a friend can wrongly rely on you to make decisions for them and solve all their problems. You’re expected to be a superhero, and for nothing in return.
In the above circumstances, you have two choices. The first is confrontation and a clear explanation of why the friendship isn’t working for you. Alternatively, a gradual distance can be the way to go. It’s not the most upfront approach but your (former) friend will eventually get the message.

Amazing stories of friendship

Through the ages, friendships have played an amazing role in culture and society. Did you know that one friendship spawned two of the greatest and most influential works of literature of the 20th century? Authors J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis were great friends. It was during some lively discussions that the ideas for The Hobbit and Narnia were conceived.
In ancient times, friendships helped forge empires. Roman Emperor Augustus would never have expanded his reign so far without the help of his childhood friend Agrippa, who later became his General.
Friends have also helped stars to rise. Brilliant songstress Ella Fitzgerald failed to book shows before her close friend Marilyn Munroe called a famous club and vouched for her.
The movie ‘Tag’ tells of a group of friends who refused to grow old. Their ongoing game began in 1990 and they’ve chased each other across the USA for decades.
You don’t have to be famous to have an amazing story of friendship. Website Storypick shares some heartwarming tales, one of which tells of 11 friends shaving their heads to support a friend with cancer. This simple act was a true gesture of solidarity.
USA Today tells of a group of friends who are making their way across Europe. The catch: one of the group’s members can’t walk. Instead of letting him miss out, Kevan Chandler’s friends are carrying him.

Famous fictional friends

Hollywood is no stranger to stories of great friendships. For instance, anyone who lived through the 90s is intimately familiar with Carrie and her BFFs on Sex and the City. This show was meant to be about relationships but is was the bond between the four female leads which stood out.
Also on the small screen, Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins have an amazing and dedicated friendship in the comedy show Parks & Recreation. Their commitment to each other (especially Leslie to Ann) is not only impressive but extremely endearing. In fact, no one ever had a friend like Leslie, who marks her diary and celebrates Ann’s friendship with a gift every year.
And of course, you can’t mention friends without mentioned Friends, the sitcom! There are few more famous group of friends than Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joe and Ross. In fact, as you’ll see in the image below from Courtney Cox (the actress who plays Monica), her, Jennifer Aniston (Rachek) and Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) still hang out together as true friends in real life!
On the big screen, Gena Davis and Susan Sarandon stand as one of the greatest female friendships of all time, as doomed besties Thelma and Lousie. Their commitment to each other was so strong that they were able to make the ultimate sacrifice together.
Teen films are littered with great friendships that last through thick and thin. Think of Cher and Dionne in Clueless, Janice and Candy in Mean Girls and more recently Lady Bird and Julie in Lady Bird.
Then there are other such classics and Hillary and C. C. in Beaches (sob), Romy and Michelle in Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion and Aibileen and Minny in The Help. These characters round out just a small list of ladies who have stuck together no matter what.


Don’t forget to celebrate Best Friends Day with a girls night out at the Bubbly Bar! See you there this Friday night!