Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, birthday or just a rare night away from the kids, you and your partner want to be on your game. You’re like an athlete training for a big match and every modern athlete needs good nutrition. So we’ve found a few different foods you can consume to make sure you score when the bright lights go on (or off).


Of course these are on the list as they’re pretty much the cliche “aphrodisiac”. The science behind oysters being good for romance is they have high levels of zinc which raises testosterone (in men, obviously) as well as dopamine which is often referred to as the “feel good hormone”.

Red meat

Again, this one is more effective for the guys. A juicy steak can get a man into romance by the way of zinc. The big chunk of protein also helps with endurance. If you know what we mean.

Other shellfish

Crab, prawns and muscles are high in zinc. It is a risk for pregnant women, but on the other hand if falling pregnant is the goal, your swimmers will be swimming like, eh, shellfish!


If you’re a vegetarian couple looking to roll in the hay (after you eat it), you will need a bit of a zinc in you as well. While meat and seafood are the best sources, lentils are the best source. However they may also contain phytates which are antinutrients inhibit the absorption of zinc and other minerals, meaning the body may not absorb all of it.
Hemp seeds – High in zinc.

Dark chocolate

A block of dark chocolate will give you a good dose of zinc, though you should be cautious of the amount of sugar the bar or block has in it. But chocolate is probably the most love-associated food going around. It must work pretty well for some reason!


This is being called a “sex superfood” when it’s brewed into a tea or some sort of beverage. In India it has been used to treat male dysfunctional issues for centuries. With a population well over a billion, those on the subcontinent must know a thing or two about performance in the bedroom!
A pit of cumin and cinnamon mixed with it, you could create quite the concoction.


Finally, here is one for the ladies. Figs are known to stimulate fertility and enhance the discharge of pheromones


Found in energy drinks, ginseng is a libido kickstarter. Don’t go downing the Red Bull just yet though, as you want to avoid sugar. Ginseng supplements or teas are your best bet. Chinese medicine have been huge on the powerful plant for many years, so try your local Chinese food market for your ginseng hit.

What not to eat for romantic times

Sweets and desserts

It seems highly unlikely that when it comes to romance, you will avoid sugary desserts. But if you want to be on your game, it’s best to go easy on the cake.
Baked goods also contain plenty of saturated trans fats that also raises blood sugar and therefore lowers libido. These bad fats also clog ventricles, which reduces oxygen to the “vital” organs for romance. It can also stop the spleen from producing enough white blood cells which can hurt sperm and egg cell production.


Ice cream and cheese are also very common when it comes to romantic encounters, but lactic acid in dairy products can kill libido at any level. But on the contrary, dairy contains a great amount of calcium which is good for sexual health. But you can get plenty of calcium from greens like spinach, kale and wheatgrass.

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