Lantern Club turns PINK! in October to raise funds for BreastScreen NSW. It’s never been easier to get stuck into the campaign yourself and make a difference in the Canterbury community. In the case of PINK! Charity Bingo, you have the opportunity of making a difference and winning prizes at the same time.

Get involved with PINK! Charity Bingo

The 2016 edition of PINK! Charity Bingo will be held on Monday 3 October from 10:30am and all proceeds will go directly to BreastScreen NSW. It’s only $3 per book or iPad to be in with a chance of winning and the event will shine bright with shades of pink. We’re talking pink food, pink cakes, pink drinks and special pink raffles.
As if all of that wasn’t fun enough, we’ll also be giving away a pink prize for the best dressed sported by the most spirited of entrants.
Of course, PINK! Charity Bingo isn’t the only way for you to get involved in our annual campaign. Click here to visit the PINK! Campaign website to learn about the rest of our events, including our annual fundraising dinner and several sporting events right here at Lantern Club.

Tips for bingo victory

If you’ve decided to come along for PINK! Charity Bingo, why not be prepared with some tips to win?
We play bingo by books or iPads at Lantern Club, which is a little bit different to the ball bingo that you might be most familiar with.
One key to coming out victorious in bingo is to play as many books as you possibly can. That said, you want to understand your own limits! Sometimes too many books can have the same result as having too few. Make sure you don’t over-commit and miss numbers as they’re being called while you scramble to stamp all of your books. There’s nothing worse than missing a BINGO because you didn’t stamp a number that was called.
Granted, your advantage in having more books is only established when you have more books relative to your ‘competition’. Take a game with 20 players – if everybody has one book each, your odds of winning are 5%. If you had four books to everybody else’s one book, though? Now you have a 17% chance of winning.
To that end, you want to understand how game sizes impact your potential winnings. For a special event like PINK! Charity Bingo, you can count on a full house!
Click here for even more expert tips on how to win at bingo, including bingo by books and ball bingo!

Shine PINK! with Lantern Club

Lantern Club shines PINK! in October to help raise funds for BreastScreen NSW and we would love you to help us make 2016 be our most successful campaign yet.
Please click below to learn about the many ways you can get involved and make a significant difference in our local community:

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