Our head chef Adriaan and his MàZi team have been hard at work developing what we believe is the greatest variety and tasting menu on offer in the Canterbury area this autumn. The menu of hearty Autumn meals as a whole can be found here. But to make it a little easier, we’ve managed to pick eight favourites to help you choose.

Lamb shoulder risotto

If you love your meat tender and melting in your mouth, the slow-cooked lamb shoulder will warm your heart from the very first bite. Topped with red wine jus and served on a rich creamy barley risotto with roasted vegetables, it’s the perfect meal to cheer you up on a cold and bleak autumn day.

Braised chicken Maryland

We’re not calling this a “deconstructed” dish, but this one is for those who like to be a little hands on. While the slow cooked chicken with mushroom, bacon, red wine sauce and super soft rustic rosemary potato is wholesome enough, the woodfired oven-baked crust is the cherry on top of this perfect hearty Autumn meal.

Rolled braised pork belly

The Asian cuisine has had a huge inspiration in Australian restaurants and one of their greatest gifts to our lives is pork belly. MàZi’s version is slow cooked for 24 hours making it extra juicy. Throw in some roast tomato, rosemary, vegetables and our super soft potato slices and you won’t find a better pork belly anywhere else this autumn.

Chocolate lava cake + Nutella

Attention chocoholics, your ultimate dessert has arrived. If chocolate oozing out of a chocolate cake doesn’t get you going, the melted Nutella on top will be the greatest aphrodisiac of your life. Topped with some vanilla gelato, it’s the perfect dish for sharing with your loved one. Or have the whole lot alone. As the kids say today, treat yoself with this hearty Autumn meal.


There aren’t many ingredients in this classic French dessert, however getting it just right can at times be très difficile! But our team has been working hard for weeks on making what is one of the most delicious desserts ever to come out of the MaZi kitchen.

Caramel + praline cone

Head chef Adriaan has pulled this one right out of left field, but it’s sure to be an instant classic. Don’t be fooled by the Madonna bra-shaped cone, if you love caramel then this dish is a must. Served on a hazelnut sponge with pistachio dust and hazelnut gelato, it’s heaven for the sweet toothed.

Apple cinnamon calzone

The Italians have been hiding the hearty Autumn meal that is calzone (essentially a folded over pizza) for too long now. While a cheesy savoury version is the most common way to cook calzone – which is also available at MaZi – here we are introducing the amazing apple cinnamon version fresh out of the woodfired oven. With Nutella dripping over the top, it’s the essential dish to share amongst loved ones this autumn.


The Greek favourite is back again with a vengeance. With pistachio praline and vanilla bean gelato, your γιαγιά would even agree it’s one of the best she’s ever tasted.

Have a hearty Autumn meal at MàZi

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Be quick, this menu will only be available until winter arrives.