Spanish espressos

European nations normally aren’t big on the large cups of hot water and milk with their coffee like many Australians and Americans are. They like their shots done fast. Italians are all about macchiatos. Meanwhile across the seas, the Spanish go something a little sweeter. Hombres and señoras like their espresso shots with a healthy slap of condensed milk. Delicioso!

Vegan friendly ice macadamia milk latte

If you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, animal milk is obviously not an option but why should you miss out on the ice coffee fun? That’s where nut milk becomes your friend. If you want to go the freshly made route, chuck some almonds, macadamia nuts and dates in a container of water and let it soak overnight at room temperature. Then the next morning, blend it up until you’ve formed something as close to a nice smooth liquid as possible. It might require a bit of straining into a glass as well. Drop in some ice and then a double shot of espresso and Bob’s your vegan uncle.

Blended iced capp with choccie milk

This one is simple but absolutely divine if you’re sweet-drink inclined thanks to the good ol’ choccie milk. Add just a little bit of hot water to a mug and then top it with two teaspoons of instant coffee and blend. Add a little sugar, ice cubes and chocolate milk and blend again. Then add cream and blend for a lucky third time. Pour and serve. Perhaps with some bickies on the side.

Cookies and cream mocha shake

We don’t recommend drinking one of these every day because it’s sure to put you on the way to diabetes. But YOLO. Grab your blender and throw in a couple of scoops of cookies and cream ice cream and half a cup of iced coffee. Blend until smooth. Then garnish with whipped cream and crushed cookies. Then sink your face into it. If you don’t have cream on your face like that scene in Mrs Doubtfire, you’re doing it wrong.

A simple cold brew iced coffee and cream

Here’s one you can consume on a little more of a frequent basis with less calories than your chocolate versions above. An iced coffee can be made simply by placing the ground beans in a jug or glass, add fresh water and stir. Leave it in the fridge overnight. The next day, pour it through a strainer and serve into a glass with ice and a dash of low fat cream.

Coffee ice cubes

This is a great addition to your ice coffee drinks above instead of regular water-sourced ice. It’s as easy as taking your coffee brew (but let it cool first, don’t put boiling water in ice cube trays!) into ice cube trays. You can add a little sugar or flavours. Just remember if you’re one who can’t handle a lot of caffeine, as the ice melts you’ll be consuming more shots of coffee. If you want to be bouncing off the walls, go for it! This is a much better solution for those working long shifts at work rather than the cans of energy drink which are extremely bad for your health.

Grab an iced coffee at Lantern Club

MaZi is not just a place known for the best hot coffee in Canterbury, we also make great cold coffee drinks as well. Iced coffees are just $6 for members ($6.60 non-members and are absolutely delicious! So come in and enjoy one today!