Beverly Hills North Primary School presented with over $9,000 worth of iPads

Here at Lantern Club we like to be proactive and foster a sense of local community spirit. That community extends not just to Roselands where we are located but also Riverwood, Hurstville, Beverly Hills and other suburbs in and around the greater Canterbury area.

If we are going to continually make a difference in the community then who better to start with than the children? They will be the driving force that shapes our future and are at an impressionable age in which it’s crucial they get the information and skills they need. Lantern Club took an opportunity to influence these young individuals so they are better equipped to proactively pursue their passions in the digital age.

Our Club Grants scheme allows us to gift a total of $35,000 to schools within our area to help further children’s education. Beverly Hills North Primary School has become our most recent beneficiary and it was decided that the most valuable investment in their classroom education would be the purchase of new technology.

Lantern Club representatives including General Manager Debbie Waicokacola visited the school on Tuesday 28th of July 2015 and presented $9,000 worth of iPads and accessories to the students in a whole-school assembly. Excitement over the new multi-purpose tools bubbled over from students, teachers and the Lantern Club team alike as the devices were handed out to individual students. The ear-to-ear smiles from these special students were hugely satisfying for the Lantern Club team to see.

We would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to the teachers, parents and students of Beverly Hills North Primary School for making us feel so welcome at your assembly. We hope you enjoy your new technology.

Lantern Club sees itself as more than just an entertainment destination. Our commitment to the community extends beyond our entertainment facilities and in-house events and activities. Like many of our members, we seek to be a positive and active presence in the greater Canterbury community. The Club Grants scheme is the primary tool we have to make significant contributions to causes in need of support. We look forward to continuing to brighten the lives of both our members and the community at large.

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