The reason we ask this question is because over the last ten years, Australian beer drinkers seem to have become more discerning. In simple terms, quality is being preferred to quantity. In an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald, it states that “overall per-capita consumption in beer has declined in the past decade, while value has risen. The beer industry is now worth an estimated $6.6 billion, compared with $4.5 billion in 2002.”
This is quite a surprising statistic but it can also help to explain the rise in the number of beers available. One of these is the now ever-popular low carb beer variety that was introduced to the Australian market back in 2004. Yes, it has been with us for over ten years now, so it’s doubtless that many of you are wondering where that decade just went!

Why low-carb beer?

So what is it about low carb beers that make them so popular in bars and for drinking at home? Well judging by what commentators have been proclaiming on internet forums, many of you like these beers because they leave you feeling less bloated, while others talk about the enjoyable ‘bitter’ taste of some brands.
Yes, the overall impression though is that most enjoy low carb beers for their perceived benefits health-wise. However, here we are concentrating solely on taste – probably the most important thing about a beer. With that taste comes familiarity and there is nothing better than that first mouthful of your favourite beer to let you know it is time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Australia’s top 7: the list

So how best to decide the running order of these seven low carb beers? Logically one would go by volume of sales but then smaller breweries produce beers that are popular with the ‘beer connoisseur’. It is curious how the beer and wine industries both have two words to describe an expert in that field, for wine you have ‘oenophile’ and ‘sommelier’, while for beer you have ‘beer’ and ‘ lover’! So, why don’t we strike a happy medium and go by what is being said out there in beer cyberspace.
Have a low-carb beer at Lantern Club, Canterbury

# 1 Carlton Dry

A combination of taste and good sales sees this summer favourite come out on top. A well-priced beer with a clean refreshing taste, there is little going against this brew.

# 2 Hahn Super Dry

This is one of the pioneers of the low carb beer market and has been with us for longer than we care to think. Crisp and dry as the name suggests makes for smooth drinking.

#3 Pure Blonde

Possibly the best selling low carb beer in Australia and one of the very first on the scene. Crisp, light and refreshing, with a distinctive taste.

#4 XXXX Summer Bright

Described by some as one of the best beers to come out of the Castlemaine brewery. Once again light and crisp and noted for not leaving you feeling bloated.

#5 Tooheys New White Stag

Closely resembling the taste of the original White Stag, this brew uses Munich malt, is brewed longer than usual and has a slightly ‘hoppy’ taste to it.

#6 Platinum Blonde

This is best described as a Vienna type lager with very much a bitter and slightly ‘hoppy’ aftertaste, best served seriously cold.

#7 Great Northern Brewing Company Original Lager

Popular for all the right reasons but listed at #7 as it’s a Queensland brew and we’re in Sydney!
Of course we’ve all got our own favourites and if you know your low carb beer then hopefully a few of what you like have appeared on this list. You’ll find that at Lantern Club here in Roselands, Sydney, we have an extensive range of beers, including low carb beer, to suit all palates. However we are not just about beer, Lantern Club is the perfect ‘meet up’ place in Canterbury with a great restaurant and cafe too. To find out more about us and to discuss membership at Lantern Club, why not give us a call?

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