Learning Links is a local charity that provides children and young people who have learning difficulties with the skills, services and family support that enable them to reach their full potential. The Reading for Life Program is designed to provide one-on-one support to primary school children with reading disorders, including dyslexia.
Children with reading disorders like dyslexia are vulnerable. Reading is fundamental to learning and if children are unable to master this vital skill their whole academic and employment future is affected. Through this program, Learning Links aims to increase the reading skills of these children and improve their self-esteem, confidence and motivation to learn. Addressing learning and literacy levels is important if we want children to have the best chance of success.
The program works by training volunteer ‘reading buddies’ to work with the children. The reading buddies visit each child once a week for 10-15 weeks, taking them through a variety of fun activities and games to encourage their engagement and interest while building their literacy skills.
The Reading for Life Program also provides volunteers in the community with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these children. It enhances their understanding of learning difficulties and builds their capacity to assist children in the future who have reading difficulties.
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