So Valentine’s Day has snuck up on you yet again. Since you’re reading this article, it’s safe to assume you’ve forgotten to organise something and you’re worried your partner is going to complain loud and long about what their friends did with their partners. Never fear, your significant other shall not be resorting to passive aggressive comments when February 14th comes around and all you did was order a pizza and watch Big Bang Theory repeats. Here are 10 Valentine’s day ideas in Sydney that you can say you came up with all by yourself.

#1  –  Blacktown drive in

Valentine’s Day ideas in Sydney, A drive in cinema with cars

In the day of downloads, the cool experience of watching a movie through your windscreen is a rare treat. Pulling up and watching a film on a big screen in the comfort and privacy of your own car is also very romantic. Some modern cars have amazing stereo systems which enhances the experience as well. Make like a teenager and try sitting in the back seat for a change, in our #1 idea for Valentine’s Day in Sydney.

#2  –  Harbour bridge picnic

Valentine’s Day ideas in Sydney, Sydney Harbour at sunset
Everyone in the world talks about Paris when it comes to romance but our beautiful harbour in the middle of summer is second to none for amazing settings. Take it from us, there’s nothing more romantic than 53,000 tonne of steel shaped like a coat hanger at sunset. No matter what vantage point, it’s a great place to spend Valentine’s Day in Sydney.

#3  –  Taronga Zoo

Valentine’s Day ideas in Sydney, A giraffe at Sydney’s Taronga zoo
Valentine’s Day is a day of animal instincts, so why not witness that in dozens of difference species? Whether it’s a visit during the daytime or taking part in the amazing ‘Roar and Snore’ night stay program, Taronga Zoo is a great place to take your special someone.

#4  –  Musicals, shows or bands

Valentine’s Day ideas in Sydney, IMAGE sydney theatre valentines day.jpg*** Alt text: Sydney’s Enmore theatre
Sydney always has a number of shows being played on any given evening, both in the city and out west. Type in a simple ‘Valentine’s Day ideas in Sydney’ Google search and you’ll be surprised by all the good ideas you find. For those in the western suburbs, Riverside Parramatta has a plethora of acts and performances all year round.

#5  –  A League soccer

Valentine’s Day ideas in Sydney, Allianz, ***IMAGE sydney valentines day stadium.jpg***, Sydney’s Sydney Football Stadium
While the majority of soccer/football matches in Australia are played over the weekend, Valentines Day often falls mid-week. Nevertheless, tickets to see the Wanderers, Sydney FC, Central Coast Mariners or Newcastle Jets could be a great gift for your man. Likewise the cricket, if that’s more his thing.

#6  –  Beach walks

Valentine’s Day ideas in Sydney, ***IMAGE sydney valentines day, beach walk, jpg***, Alt text: Sydney beach walk, Bondi to Bronte
Beach walks – We are lucky in Australia to have Valentine’s Day scheduled right in the middle of summer. The old cliché ‘long walks on the beach’ will never really be that old and Sydney has some of the best beach walks in the world. Bondi to Bronte is the most popular, but don’t rule out small road trips to the south coast or the central coast for some stunning and less crowded coastlines.

#7  –  Water sports

Valentine’s Day ideas in Sydney, IMAGE sydney, valentines day surfing.jpg, Surfing at Sydney’s Bondi beach
There are hundreds of bodies of water to choose from in Sydney and if you’ve got the energy, hiring paddle boards, kayaks, canoes or even jet skis is great fun and among the less common Valentine’s Day ideas in Sydney. They’re widely available and not too expensive. You can wander around secluded inlets at your own pace and find a spot for a picnic lunch (wrapped in waterproof packaging, just in case an unplanned swim occurs).

#8  –  Blue Mountains

Valentine’s Day ideas in Sydney, IMAGE sydney valentines day blue mountains, The Three Sisters at the Blue Mountains
If you don’t want to go coastal, go bush! The Blue Mountains offer astonishing natural beauty, incredible walks and an amazingly breath-taking railway. When you’re done sightseeing, enjoy one of the amazing restaurants in towns like Katoomba and Leura.

#9  –  Horse riding

Valentine’s Day ideas in Sydney, IMAGE Sydney valentines day, horses.jpg Alt text: Horse riding
Horses are romantic, just ask Aussie singer Daryl Braithwaite. For Valentine’s Day ideas in Sydney’s west you can find a number of places to ride horses along picturesque trails with your Valentine. For those closer to the coast, you can find horse riding at places like Centennial Park. The south and central coasts have amazing places to do riding tours as well. Way up in the sky little darling!

#10  –  Valentine’s Day dinner

Valentine’s Day ideas in Sydney, IMAGE Sydney valentines day dinner.jpg Alt text: A couple hold hands over candle lit dinner
Of course we couldn’t leave ourselves out of this list. At Lantern Club we’re turning MaZi restaurant into a lover’s heaven with candle-lit tables, live entertainment and an amazing special menu.

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