Feeling the stress of your new year’s resolution yet? Have no fear! We make setting your 2017 goals easy with our list of 10 simple new year’s resolutions that are sure to make this year great.

10 Resolutions to Turn Your New Year’s Wishes into a New Year’s Reality

Have your new year’s wishes already been put on hold for next year? Now that the New Year’s Eve buzz is over, setting your 2017 goals may have quickly been forgotten. But it’s never too late! Shy away from the generic ‘weight loss’ and ‘make more money’ aspirations that sound pleasing out loud, but never seem to actually happen. Here are 10 new year’s resolutions that will help you keep a smile on your face throughout 2017.

One: Have a laugh every day

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This may sound like a daunting task, but only if you make it one! Make setting your 2017 goals easy. Look through some old baby photos or watch those funny videos your friends send you but never take the time to watch. Or better yet, put the phone down and have a look around. The people you may see are worth quite a chuckle.

Two: Learn to cook a new meal

Learn to cook a new meal, new cooking style, new food cooking tips
Expand your culinary horizon. Shy away from the simple pasta and sauce and look for a recipe that you would never think to cook. Finding a meal with some fresh fruit and veggies can help with the everlasting weight loss wish too.

Three: Visit the beach more often

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Take some time this year to relax. What better way than enjoying a warm, breezy day in the sun? It’s a well-known fact that we get vitamin D from the sun and without vitamin D, people get a little melancholy. Put the work life on hold for a day and soak up some rays. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Four: Sleep in for a change

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Keep your new year’s wishes simple. The grocery shopping can wait an hour or two. Turn that alarm off on the weekend and dream away. The kids will appreciate it as well.

Five: Find a new favourite wine

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Do you really enjoy the taste of your $5 bottle for dinner, or do you enjoy the price tag more? Ask some friends for their wine of choice or even take a day to visit the local winery and do some tasting. Either way, change it up a bit. That’s what the new year is all about. Here’s our wine list to get you started.

Six: Visit friends more

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Now, this doesn’t mean you need to reconnect with your long-lost pal from 20 years ago. Go out for drinks, relax by the pool, play a board game, anything. Just get out of the house and interact with those you love.

Seven: Do 15 push-ups in the morning

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You can literally roll out of bed and do this one. Your new year’s weight loss wishes don’t need to include a pricey gym membership. Movements as simple as push-ups will produce positive changes for your body. Plus, exercising in the AM not only gets you in shape, it energises you for the day the same way a cup of coffee would.

Eight: Treat yourself or someone special to a nice dinner once a month

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Scrap the weekly McDonald’s run and opt for a new, more exotic restaurant. Dress to impress and leave everyone else speechless. Sound too expensive? MàZi at Lantern Club have delicious, gourmet meals for under $20. Come visit our world-renowned kitchen today.

Nine: Start a journal

Start a new Journal, new year's resolution
This doesn’t have to be a diary with a lock and key. Just keep a pen and paper near your bedside and write in it special events from the day. You don’t even have to write every day, just mark the dates of when something noteworthy happens. You’ll get a kick at the stories you may have forgotten by the end of the year.

Ten: Go on more walks

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You can go down the street or across the state, the path is entirely up to you. Just be sure to change it up now and then. Take a stroll through a suburb you haven’t seen in a while or a street you’ve never seen. The change in scenery will help keep you refreshed.

Some final words of encouragement

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The new year should be a time of excitement and change, not stress and agony. Keep your new year’s wishes reachable in 2017 and make this year the best one yet!
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