With Mother’s Day upon us, we wanted to celebrate Mums of all kinds. So we’ve got nine types of mums. Which one is yours? Tell us with a comment at the bottom of the page.

Fitness mums

Your mum is the type that goes to the gym so often than all the trainers know her by name. Your pantry is full of containers with powders named with big words like magnesium and creatine monohydrate. Your mum is the type that rocks up to the school run wearing her Lorna Jane workout gear with her hair tied back with a strong coffee in one hand. Her aviator sunglasses only come off her face when someone is talking to her. If they’re lucky.

Ethnic Mums

Your mum loves three things; gold jewellery, expensive sheets and towels and prides herself on whipping up the most epic meal your non-European mates have ever seen. For you, it’s a normal Tuesday. In fact, your mates always insist on going to your place over theirs because they know they’ll never leave hungry. Your mum is also the type that will also hope you never leave home (especially her youngest son) and will keep doing your washing and ironing. Actually, she’ll do it even when you do eventually leave home.

Soccer mums

Your mum drives a brand new SUV, even though your family would fit perfectly into the average sedan. She’s at every training session and match you play and she’ll even have a crack working in the canteen as well. Come Saturday night, she’s got your match in her head and ready to tell you where you went wrong and what to do next time. Your mum is the type that reassures that you’re better than that other kid that performed better than you. Even if you’re not.

The over committed mum

School teachers know your mum so well that they’ll stop her in the shops to talk for several minutes on their days off (anyone who knows teachers know they avoid most school students and their mums wherever possible on holidays). That may even lead to having coffee. Every excursion, she’s there. Every sports carnival, she’s there. In fact, she’s wearing your house colours and screaming her lungs out. Even though you ran fifth. You never forget to do your homework because she’s the type of mum who asked the teacher personally when it’s due and she’s already bought the stationary needed for it.

The hard working mum

Your mum works not one, but two jobs and her dream is getting a full six hours of sleep one day. But still, she’s the type of mum that when you wake up your breakfast is ready before you head to school and your lunch is packed. Even though she’s already left for work.

The “not my child” mum

Even on the eleventh time you got in trouble at school, your mum refused to believe you did it. At parent-teacher interviews, she actually interviews the teacher and your teacher considers changing careers because her degree did not equip her to have the argument skills of a high-priced lawyer like your mum possesses. Even though she didn’t even go to university at all.

The footy mums

Your wardrobe is majority the colours of your family’s favourite sporting team and your friends think your mum is cool for having a framed jersey in her kitchen. Weekends are spent either yelling at the TV or yelling from the grandstands. Either way, that damn referee wasn’t up to standard and you have no choice but to agree with your mum on that one or you’ll go hungry tonight.

The “puts up with your dad’s bad jokes” mum

When your dad rolls out the “dead centre of town” joke as you pass by a cemetery for the hundredth time, you kids all roll your eyes. But your mum God bless her still strokes his ego with a “good one dear” as her whole body jiggles with her giggle. In fact, that’s her favourite line. Your Dad is hopeless at pretty much everything. But he thinks he’s the king purely because of the uncompromised love your mum shows your dad and the family.

The still got it mums

Your mum gets way more likes on Instagram and Facebook than you do and you’re low key jealous of that. Your mates are all really nice to her, even the mate who you’re 80% certain will have a police record one day. But you don’t know why. You look at your dad and think he must’ve been much better looking in his youth because these days they’re the type of parents that look like an older version of Penny and her dork boyfriend in the sitcom the Big Bang Theory.

MàZi Mother’s Day Experience

No matter what Mum type yours is, she deserves to be spoiled on Mother’s Day and MàZi is place to be. We’ve got two options for Mother’s Day in 2018 with a breakfast and a lunch session. To see the menus for Mother’s Day 2018 click here ***link menu**.
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