According to research, 85% of Australian male adults enjoy an alcoholic drink of some kind at least occasionally. So it’s safe to say most dads down under like a relaxing beverage. So for Father’s Day, what can you buy your dad?


If Ron Burgandy taught us anything – other than the true meaning of diversity – it’s that classy men love scotch. Scotchy scotchy scotch scotch. They love it down in their belly. If your dad is a true fan of scotch, it’s probably easy to work out which brand he loves the most. Once you’ve got that, look online at what limited edition or extra aged versions are available. Many will come in a beautiful box for a keepsake too.


The days of the majority of Aussie men buying a case of VB or Tooheys tinnies are long gone. The beer variety and tastes are vast, especially in the craft varieties. First up, you’ll need to find out what type of beer your dad loves. Is he a lager dad? An IPA dad? A pale ale dad? Perhaps even a stout dad? Once you have that in your arsenal, have a look online or in bottle shops for packs with a variety of these types of beer. Some outlets may even have a mix n match offer.


Cocktails tend to be associated with mums rather than dads. But that’s not always true. There are plenty of cocktails a dad will have as his guilty pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with a man with a martini, Manhattan or gin and tonic in hand. Buying cocktail kits and ingredients for Father’s Day are a great idea and good fun at Father’s Day lunch.

A bar fridge

Australian dads love their beer cold. Real cold. So why not get him his own little place to keep his drinks icey instead of taking up an entire shelf of the kitchen fridge? Beer fridges are very affordable these days and are also energy efficient. One with a clear glass door will allow the fussy fathers to pick which drink they want next with ease. They also look great in the pool room.

Whisky rocks

If your dad is serious about his whisky (or whiskey if he’s drinking one that’s Irish or American), he probably drinks it on the rocks. The issue with ice though is that it melts. If dad is drinking an expensive drop, he’ll likely want to sit on it slowly and not have it diluted with water. Whisky rocks save this problem. They act like ice but don’t melt and are reusable.

An esky

As said above, dad wants beer to stay cool. But he is going to need that to happen outside of the home. An esky with wheels is essential when heading to family barbeques and events. These days they come in all sorts and sizes and even come in your dad’s favourite footy team colours.

A comfy drinking chair

As well as having his beer cold, dad wants a comfortable place to sit while he enjoys his drink. Whether that’s an epic single seater recliner for the lounge room or the latest high tech portable outdoor seat for him to sit in the sun, admiring his garden after he’s mowed the lawn. Just don’t sit in it with him knowing. Dads don’t like you doing that.

Brewing kits

If your dad has a lot of spare time and mum wants him out of the way, a home brewing kit will give him hours of fun. These kits come in all shapes and sizes, depending on how much beer your dad wants to make himself and perhaps for his family and friends.

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