So you’ve just pocketed a cool $15,000 from a piece of luck (hey, it’s got to happen to someone) and now you have the incredibly frustrating issue of wondering what to do with it. Save it? Meh. Pay some bills? Nah. Buy something for the kids? Ha, good one.
Okay so we’ve narrowed it down into a few categories. Happy spending!

A $15,000 car

In the new car market in Australia, $15,000 will get you a neat little hatchback especially if it’s a demo model or during a runout sale early in the new year or at the end of the financial year. In that price range you can find a Mitsubishi Mirage, Kia Picanto, Honda Jazz or a Holden Barina. Get a decent deal and $15,000 could even get something a little more spacey like a Hyundai Accent, Honda City or Suzuki Baleno. If you willing to dip into the used car market, a low kilometre Mazda 2, Mitsubishi Lancer or a Holden Cruze. If you’re hoping to perhaps get an Australian V8 – which no longer are being made – you can now get a Holden Commodore SS VE Series 2 (2011/2012) or for Ford fans a Falcon XR8 from around the same era are also a great purchase for $15,000.

A $15,000 holiday

For a couple without kids, $15,000 can basically get you a great holiday almost anywhere in the world. Dodge school holiday rushes and you can get plane tickets to any major city in Europe, Asia or North America for about $1,500 per person. Everybody loves New York, Paris, London or Tokyo. The world is your oyster when you’re a DINK (double income, no kids).
As for those who have no choice but to drag the kids along, they’ll want a place that’s fun for them. Los Angeles or Orlando in the United States are where you’ll find the Disney theme parks. America also has plenty of Six Flags amusement parks across the country. Or if you’re looking for somewhere warm and relaxing for a family holiday, Fiji ticks all the boxes. Plus flights are very affordable with airlines like JetStar flying there daily from Sydney.

A $15,000 Investment

They say the way to make money is spend money. So if you want to turn your $15,000 into hundreds of thousands, where should you invest it? You could buy shares. Or what the kids these days are doing is cryptocurrency. You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin before. For those who haven’t met a Gen Y nerd who can’t shut up about it, Bitcoin was the first of the now thousands of these digital currencies. The amount of research needed into this is well beyond a Shine Blog. But the popularity of Bitcoin has become so huge, Bitcoin ATMs are popping up in Sydney already.

A $15, 000 house

For $15,000, you’d need a time machine and go back about a decade for that to be even considered a deposit on an apartment in western Sydney. So what about somewhere else? You’ve got a 10% deposit of a $150,000 handy and you it can get you a nice little holiday house only a handful of hours outside of Sydney.

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