Australia Rio games day seven schedule:
(All times are Australia EST)
2:32am: Women’s 50m freestyle heat 11 (Cate Campbell)
2:35am: Women’s 50m freestyle heat 12 (Bronte Campbell)
11:59am: Women’s 50m freestyle semi finals
3:52am: Men’s 1500m freestyle heat 5 (Mack Horton)
4:10am: Men’s 1500m freestyle heat 6 (Jack Mcloughlin)
4:38am: Women’s 4x100m medley relay heat 2
4:48am: 4x100m medley relay heat 1
11:03am: Women’s 200m backstroke final (Belinda Hocking)
11:20am: Women’s 800m freestyle final (Jess Ashwood)
2:05am: Men’s 49er (N. Outteridge and I.Jensen)
2:05am: Women’s laser radial race 7 (Ashley Stoddart)
2:05am: Men’s 470 dinghy race 5 (W. Ryan and M. Belcher)
2:15am Women’s 470 dinghy race 5 (J.Ryan and C.Smith)
2:15am: Women’s laser race 7 (Tom Burton)
3:15am: Men’s tournament, Boomers vs China
10:00pm Men’s 50m Rifle Prone qualification (Dane Sampson)
10:00pm: Women’s Skeet qualification (Aislin Jones)
10:30pm: Men’s Skeet qualification (Paul Adams, Keith Ferguson)
1:15am: Men’s 25m rapid fire pistol shooting (David Chapman)
High speed action shot of a butterfly stroke swimming champion
4:55am: Mixed doubles: Australia vs Malaysia
10:52pm: Men’s individual round of 16, Taylor Worth (AUS) vs Antonio Fernandez (Spain)
Cycling – Track
5:00am: Women’s team sprint qualifications
5:14am: Men’s sprint qualification (Patrick Constable, Matthew Glaetzer)
5:52am: Men’s team pursuit
6:28am: Men’s doubles, Australia vs Russia
10:30pm: Men’s discus throw qualifications group A (Benn Harradine)
11:52pm: Men’s discus throw qualifications group B (Matthew Denny)
11:18pm: Men’s 800m heat 2 (Luke Mathews)
11:50pm: Men’s 800m heat 6 (Jeffrey Riseley)
11:50pm: Men’s 800m heat 7 (Peter Bol)
12:10am: Women’s 10,000m final (Eloise Wellings)
3:30am: Men’s 20km walk (Dane Bird-Smith, Rhydian Cowley)
9:30am Women’s 1500m heat 1 (Linden Hall)
9:41am Women’s 1500m heat 2 (Jenny Blundell)
9:52am Women’s 1500m heat 3 (Zoe Buckman)
10:20am: Men’s long jump qualification (Henry Frayne, Fabrice Lapierre)
11:00am: Women’s, Australia vs Brazil
11:00pm: Men’s single sculls semi final 2 (Rhys Grant)
11:10pm: Women’s single sculls semi final (Kim Brennan)
12:27am: Men’s coxless four final A
Side view of two attractive female volleyball players in the action
Ping pong
11:00pm: Women’s team Australia vs North Korea
4:30am: Women’s 3m springboard preliminary (Maddison Keeney)
6:45am: Women’s 60kg round of 16, Shelley Watts (Aus) vs Irma Testa (Italy)
8:45am: Men’s 75kg round 16, Daniel Lewis (Aus) vs Bektemir Melikuziev
9:30am: Men’s, Kookaburras vs Brazil
11:10am: Men’s, Australia vs Serbia
Unrecognizable basketball player dribbling on basketball court.
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