Who doesn’t love finding new places to eat? Whether you’ve done your own research or been told by someone you trust, it’s exciting when you go somewhere new for a meal. And when you share that new experience with someone you care about, it can be a really memorable moment. It could be a birthday, anniversary or some other special occasion. After all, one of life’s great pleasures is enjoying a delicious meal with family and friends. Think about the last time you went to a great restaurant and had exceptional food. The memory sticks with you, right?
So the question is, how can you tell if the Roselands restaurants you’re thinking of going to are any good?

Four ways to choose great places to eat

  1. The food – Sounds obvious enough, but it’s amazing how many restaurants get this wrong. If the food is prepared well with ingredients that are in season, it makes a huge difference. Bonus points if the chef uses locally sourced produce.
  2. The chef – Eating a meal prepared by a chef whose qualifications are from the ‘Online School of Being a Cook’? Your chances of a decent meal take a bit of a nosedive. Eating a meal prepared by a chef with years of expert training? It’s probably going to be good.
  3. Online reviews – Unless you know someone who has been to the restaurant, the best way to get advice is from online reviews. Generally speaking, if people rate a restaurant as very good or excellent, you’re on a winner.
  4. The unexplainable – Sometimes there is an allure that can’t be explained. It could be the website, or something about the menu that grabs your attention. Gut feel is often the best way to make choices. It’s your subconscious telling you “this place is good, book us in”. If it feels right, just do it.


Introducing MàZi’s new menus

We’ve introduced two new menus that are perfect for any occasion. No matter if you’re celebrating something momentous with the most important people in your life, or just catching up with friends for a quick bite to eat, we’ve got you covered.
We’ve made it so easy to get a top-quality meal at a great price. There’s no need to worry about where you’re going to go next.

  • All Day Menu – Available from 9.30am until late into the evening, every meal on the menu is under $20. From light meals and popular favourites, to pizzas and amazing desserts, there’s something for everyone at any time.
  • MàZi Lunch and Dinner Menu – For those wanting something with a little more refinement, the new lunch and dinner menu is exceptional. Choose from world-class pizzas, exquisite starters, pasta dishes, mains to die for and decadent desserts. You literally won’t want to leave!

Places to eat

What can we find on the all day menu?

Catching up with friends? End of year lunch with your work colleagues? A cost-effective quality meal with the family? The all day menu is the answer to your needs. Not only will you enjoy a wonderful meal, but every dish is under $20. At this time of year, every dollar saved is important.
Some of the dishes you’ll find on the all day menu include:

  • A selection of toasted sandwiches, focaccias and wraps
  • Warm and cold salads
  • Beef and chicken burgers
  • Italian classics such as Nonna’s meatballs or beef lasagne
  • Timeless favourites like salt and pepper calamari, flathead fillets and chips or homemade beef pie
  • Pizzas designed by World Pizza Champion chef John Lanzafame

A great range of Mediterranean favourites that everyone will love.

Places to eat

What can we find on the lunch and dinner menu?

Organising a formal work event to celebrate the year just gone? Gathering family and friends for a special Christmas get-together? A romantic night out for just you and your partner? To ensure your special occasion sets just the right tone, we’ve created a menu that is full of star quality.
Some of the dishes you’ll find on the lunch and dinner menu include:

  • Starters to excite fans of Asian, Mediterranean and local cuisines
  • Unique pizzas you won’t find anywhere else designed by World Pizza Champion chef John Lanzafame
  • Various pasta dishes with ingredients such as pork belly, ocean king prawns and John Dory fillets
  • Blue eye and scotch fillet steaks, salmon and duck dishes with all the trimmings
  • Desserts such as crème caramel and gelato that are literally too delicious to do justice with just words

fillet places to eat

You had me at ‘new places to eat’! Where do I book?

MàZi has crafted a reputation as being one of the best Roselands restaurants, and we’re very proud of that fact. As such we will always strive to protect our status by creating dishes and menus that are unrivalled in the Canterbury region.
To request a booking, either fill in your details via our online form, or call Reception on 8037 8200. You can find the quickest route from your home by clicking the ‘Take Me There’ button at the bottom of every page on our Lantern Club website.
As a member, you will enjoy your meals at a reduced rate, along with a host of other benefits. Find out how you can become a member and take advantage of discounted prices, plus access to exciting promotions and events. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of the Membership Rewards Program where you can use Reward Points to buy food, drinks, gift cards and much more.
We look forward to seeing you at Lantern Club and MàZi soon.

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