Sydney is one of the world’s great cities. Amazing beaches, perfect gourmet coffee, nature at its best close by including wine regions and mountain ranges, incredible shopping, and of course there’s that spectacular harbour. But there’s no denying it; it’s a little on the pricey side! And if you want to dine at some restaurants, you may have to skip a mortgage repayment to afford it. But if we’re being fair, the number of incredible restaurants and the quality of food is another reason Sydney is so amazing.
We’ve decided to make sure that you can find cheap eats in Sydney that still maintain the high standards of quality we’ve come to expect.
Our pledge to you is this – we guarantee you’ll enjoy a fancy lunch or dinner without breaking the bank at Lantern Club. Our new under-$20 menu is packed full of delicious, high-quality food that we’re confident you’ll love and enjoy. And what’s more, you can enjoy this deal at any time of the day, even when MàZi Restaurant is closed between lunch and dinner sittings!
For less than $20, you can choose from these dishes, and a whole lot more:

  • Slow roasted beef salad With warm, sweet roasted carrot


  • Poached chicken salad (gf) With avocado and simple iceberg
  • MàZi’s dreamy beef lasagne Straight from the woodfire oven, oozing with sauce
  • Chicken and bacon wrap Chicken and cos lettuce with bacon, parmesan cheese and mayonnaise

How good is that? We believe it’s the best $20 you’ll ever spend. OK, that might be a slight exaggeration, but you get what we mean.
If eating delicious food isn’t what you want to spend your hard-earned $20 on, then be careful. Other people have made mistakes before and often paid an embarrassing price. Here are just a few examples we found for you:

  • A man in the UK, Adam Hess, bought a rug to cover a stain in his carpet. Unfortunately, it was slightly smaller than expected! Probably should have checked the dimensions before ordering online.
  • A mum thought she was getting the bargain of the century when she ordered a pair of gold leggings online. Pity they were only big enough to squeeze a couple of fingers into – the ‘legs’ of the pants!
  • When you try and buy a $20 cuddly bear for a child, and an emaciated version turns up in the mail, you probably think to yourself, “should have taken them for a nice meal at Lantern Club instead”.
  • Milkshakes are awesome, but part of the fun is drinking them from a large cup. Imagine surprise when their milkshake was handed over in a plastic food container with a straw taped to the front!

Still want to take a chance on how you should best spend your $20? We’re sure you’ll make a wise decision…
We’re glad you asked. Sign up to become a Lantern Club member and you can take full advantage of our $20 lunch and dinner deal. Starting on November 9, you can choose from our full range of wraps, burgers, pizzas, pies and sweets, all for less than $20.
Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy all the other extra benefits that come with being a Lantern Club member as well!
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If you wish to reserve a table at MàZi Restaurant, either fill out our online booking form, or make your way to Reception and do so in person.

See you soon…
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