Don’t throw away the leftovers

Eating  leftovers on Boxing Day (and sometimes right up to New Year’s Eve) is as, if not more, heavenly than the meal on Christmas Day. Kicking back watching the cricket, nursing a slight hangover, with a bit of ham or turkey on a sandwich with the ‘hair of the dog’ in the other hand is an Australian holiday tradition. So now, are we going to say to cut back on the supplies and risk your guests going hungry? Or worse, waking up on the 26th with a fridge containing just a bit of expired milk and dog food? Heck no. But play the game perfectly by ensuring these leftovers all get a life beyond the 25th. Bust out the Tupperware and pack the fridge/freezer like Armageddon is coming.

Buying in bulk

So on the back of having a licence to stack the fridge and start cooking for a military-sized sitting, this can play into your hands. Buying food in bulk from markets or places like Costco can work out a lot cheaper than purchasing them in standard sizes. Pack your patience when it comes to markets at Christmas time and be prepared to wake up well before the sun. But it’ll be worth the battle. Seafood markets especially can be an absolute warzone coming into Christmas. So perhaps look at getting in a couple of days before and put the freezer to work.

Facebook invites

Do people actually still send out paper invites for parties? Not many. If any. Stamps are a dollar a pop these days and even most grandmas are on Facebook now anyway. It’s not too hard to teach nanna to reply to her e-vite. Even if it might take 10 days for her reply along with liking the last 17 things you posted that week one after the other.


Creating a Christmassy theme doesn’t have to require going halfway to renovating your house. Plenty of cool little pieces like bon-bons (or crackers as some call them), napkins and decorations can be bought at discount shops. Or if you’ve got enough time, buying them online can save you plenty as well. Some lights can be cheap as chips too. Or use some cheap candles.

Booze smartly

Almost everyone likes to wet the whistle on Christmas Day and sometimes it’s a long haul. Much like the food, buying grog in bulk can save you plenty. Again, look online for some bargains if you’re preparing early. Avoid RTDs/alcopops and instead look at spirit bottles to mix with soft drink instead. Plus everyone loves a cocktail on Christmas!

Stay cool outside

Power bills can take a hammering on an Aussie summer Christmas. If possible, an outdoor-based setting will keep the air conditioning to a minimum. The fridge too can be jam-packed. Eskys full of ice are your friend rather than getting an extra fridge or freezer for the day. Also, try and get the kids away from the TV all day. Christmas in Australia isn’t complete without a game of cricket!

Kris Kringle

Buying gifts for every single family member can really cost a small fortune, especially if you have a big family. Kris Kringle is becoming increasingly popular. For those who don’t know, the way it works is each person’s name is put into a hat and whoever you draw out is the person you buy the gift for. You set an agreed budget and everyone ends up with one decent present (most of the time) rather than a dozen crappy little ones. Plus the time savings on only buying one gift is a huge bonus for all involved.

Outsource desserts

In some cultures, the host is supposed to take care of everything on the day. But sometimes you just need to call for a little help from your friends/family. Every family has that dessert expert and the family will be much happier with their amazing sweet dish rather than your packet of Paddle Pops. Save those for the kids.
Christmas Lunch

Have it at a neutral venue

Taking Christmas to somewhere like Lantern Club cannot only save you dollars, it saves you time and effort as well. At Christmas in MàZi, everything is taken care of for you.
For just $70 for members per head (non-members price is $77, children 12 and under are $18.50), you’ll enjoy a delicious three course meal with plenty of choices and the best part is it’s all served by our friendly MaZi team. But you need to book your table fast. Call our friendly reception team on 8037 8200 or request a table here.
Lantern Club also caters for Christmas parties too. If you’d like to celebrate your Christmas-themed event between November 1 and December 24, we have two amazing set menus  available.